Living Roof Coop

14 Ingenious Chicken Coop Plans & Designs

Chickens are a must for every survival prepper. They eat nearly anything, come home to their coop every night, lay eggs faithfully and adapt readily to new surroundings. With little input from you they will continuously produce both eggs and meat for the family. All they ask is a perch to sleep on at night and some sort of box or basket in which to lay their eggs. Depending on where you live, they may need to be confined in order to protect them from predators (or to protect tender garden seedlings from chicken scratching!).

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Toilet Pallet Project

14 Amazing DIY Wood Pallet Projects

The explosion of DIY pallet projects on the internet lately reflects the growing desire people have to both recycle and save money. You can typically get old pallets for free from any large garden store. This is a great source of free lumber that can easily be converted into a huge variety of useful items.

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Edible Wild Plants

16 Common Wild Plants You Can Eat

Nature is full of food. Even desert climates that look like barren wastelands have abundant resources that can help you survive if you know where to look. We’ve gathered a list of 16 common wild plants you can eat. These leaves, seeds, roots and herbs can keep you going in a survival situation when you’ll need all the strength you can get.

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EnerPlex Commandr 40 Portable Solar Panel

You may have already seen our reviews of the EnerPlex Commandr 20 with the Generatr 100 and the EnerPlex Generatr 1200 Solar Generator. In case you haven’t, EnerPlex specializes in portable, rugged and powerful solar solutions which can be a great solution for preppers needing power on the go. The Commandr 20 and Commandr 40 solar panels reduce nicely by folding down to manageable size to fit in your bug out bag.

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Enerplex Generatr 100 + Commandr 20 Solar Panels

You may have already seen our review on the Enerplex Generatr 1200, if not be sure to check it out. It’s a cool renewable alternative to a gas generator power backup system, powered by the sun. The Enerplex Generatr 100 is a smaller, more compact version of the same technology but is still considered part of their large scale generators. It uses lithium-ion batteries like the 1200 model, which makes the battery pack really lightweight (2.0 lbs) compared to other industry alternatives.

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Enerplex Generatr 1200 Review

Planning for a disaster whether it’s a hurricane, a snow storm or anything that could cause your power to go out, you need a backup plan. The most popular option are gas generators, but even with those you need enough gas on hand to keep them running for a sustained period of time. The Enerplex Generatr 1200 is a 1231Wh large format battery that which is ideal for emergencies without the dependence on gas.

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Pocket Shot

18 Best Selling Survival Gear Products

Survival prepping for some has become a fad, but for some it’s serious business and making sure you have the right products could mean life or death if the SHTF. Due to the large influx of product competition prices have become lower for gear like solar panels and water filters. Still, sorting through tons of products can be difficult for a new preppers that are looking a good bang for their buck on survival gear.

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Porch on Off Grid Cabin

13 Self Sufficient Off the Grid Homes

The term off grid refers to living self-sufficiently. For most people this means giving up reliance on public utilities. Off grid homes do not rely on municipal water, sewer, natural gas, electricity or other utility services.

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Mirror Camouflaged Home

14 Camouflaged Home Designs You Have to See

When disaster strikes the consequences could be devastating for those who aren’t properly prepared. Unfortunately, you can’t prep enough for the entire population, so you need to be ready to protect the resources you’ve gathered to keep yourself and your family alive. Sometimes the best way to protect yourself is to stay unseen.

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Creative DIY Pallet Projects

10 More Incredible DIY Pallet Project Ideas

A good prepper is able to use any resources at hand to build the things he needs to stay alive. A well prepared survivalist has versatile materials on hand. Recycled wood pallets are a great source of cheap (read: free) lumber that can be converted into anything from an emergency shelter to a chicken coop or piece of furniture.

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