10 Awesome Smoker Grills for Your BBQ

Barrel Smoker

While barbecuing is fun and delicious, smoking meat is an art. Some would say that smoking is “real barbecuing”. You take, generally, tougher, fattier pieces of meat and cook them slowly over four, six or even twelve hours. The fat slowly renders out as the meat becomes tender and juicy. The smoke penetrates the meat, giving it a rich aroma and flavor. Smoked meat is juicer, more tender and far more flavorful than regular barbecue.

Ready to try smoking your own meat? Fortunately, making a smoker can be as easy as placing a cast iron dutch oven or ceramic pot over your grill. Here are ten of the best smoker grills we’ve seen, most of which are easily built at home.

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10 Awesome Smoker Grills for Your BBQ

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