10 Luxury Underground Bunkers for Wealthy Survivalists

Vivos Europe Billionaire Bunker

Every survivalist dreams of building an underground bunker or an impenetrable safe room. While a survival bunker can be expensive, if disaster strikes it could easily save your life.

Normally a bunker is an uncomfortably cramped space designed to keep your family alive during a crisis. But for the mega-rich it can be as cozy as a five star hotel in the Caribbean. Just for fun we’ve compiled a list of luxury bunkers and millionaire survival shelters. You don’t get one. Neither do I. But we all need a break from the often stressful pressures of survival prepping. I hope you enjoy checking out these ridiculous apocalypse bunkers as much as I did!

Billionaire Apocalypse Bunker

Image courtesy of forbes.com

1. An Underground Bunker with a Pool

The mega rich don’t even have to design a personal bunker. They can purchase 5000 square feet of luxurious living space in this underground complex in Germany. Designed to house 34 wealthy families, the 70+ acre doomsday facility is designed to withstand a nuclear disaster. When the crisis hits private helicopters will be sent out to fetch the elite families. There are theaters, pubs, cinemas and this fancy pool to keep the wealthy entertained for a full year until things settle down on the surface.

Billionaire Bunker Apartment

Image courtesy of mirror.co.uk

2. Luxury Bunker Apartment

Survivalist company Vivos claims that apartments in their Indiana survival bunker are not only for the mega-rich. They say most of their clients are upper middle class families planning ahead. The founder of the company says he had a premonition that “something is coming” and he need to build shelters that can house thousands. As of fall 2015 the Indiana bunker is the only one up and ready to go.

There are kennels for your pets, 30,000 gallons of diesel, food for a year, medical facilities and a gym. There are filters designed to protect against chemical or biological attacks. Reserve an apartment for $35,000 in entry fees.

Oppidum Billionaire Bunker

Image courtesy of ar15.com

3. The Oppidum Czech Republic

The Oppidum in the Czech Republic is a private survival bunker. It is massive, with 77,000 square feet of living space that includes a gym and a cinema. The original space was designed for a single owner, who built the bunker during the Cold War.

Living in the Oppidum is like entering a James Bond film. There are finger print scanners and other high tech security features. They say it has its own communication systems and is completely self-sufficient, though details are hard to come by.

Vivos Europe Billionaire Bunker

Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.ca

4. Billionaire Bunker Europe

There are a number of companies which build custom underground bunkers like this one for the super wealthy. It looks like somewhere you might want to live on a day to day basis, doesn’t it? Even in a small underground bunker having entertainment is important for the mental healthy of the family. Studies have found that people confined to small spaces can become violent if they don’t have proper mental stimulation.

Fancy bunkers like this are also equipped to mimic the natural above ground light. Stars even come out at night in some of them!

Wealthy Apocalypse Bunker Kansas

Image courtesy of inhabit.com

5. Kansas Silo Apocalypse Bunker

From the outside it doesn’t look like much. Beyond those doors is the entrance to what used to be a nuclear missile silo. It has been remodeled into seven floors of individual underground bunkers, which range in price from $1.5 to $3 million dollars apiece. Like other wealthy bunker communities this one has a dog park, cinema, gym and even a jail.

But this community gives you some serious resources. Each condo is equipped with a five year supply of food and water. There are hydroponic vegetable gardens and aquaculture systems to supply fresh produce and even fish to supplement freeze dried food. They have a water treatment plant and wind turbines in addition to diesel generators.

Bunker House

Image courtesy of buzzfed.com

6. Above Ground Private Bunker

This whole house is a millionaire’s survival bunker. Their is a single entrance and the entire building can be sealed up, making it an easily defensible space. Did I mention that the entrance is on the second floor? Or that you have to cross a drawbridge to get there? While this expensive bunker home may not be your first choice if there is a nuclear disaster, it would be ideal in many other disaster scenarios.

Adirondack Private Bunker

Image courtesy of buzzfed.com

7. Adirondack Underground Bunker

From above ground it’s a charming 2000 square foot log home in the Adirondack mountains. Underneath is a stunningly outfitted bunker that will survive any number of likely apocalypse events on the surface.

The home has its own runway for your private plane, and is on the low end of expensive bunkers. It is currently listed at a mere $1.75 million. The image below shows the living space in the bunker, complete with simulated daylight.

NY Private Bunker

Indiana Apocalypse Bunker Lounge

Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.ca

8. Vivos Global Genome Vault

Remember the company Vivos with the Indiana bunker apartments? This is an image of the main lounge in that facility. They have another doomsday offering for those who can’t afford a space in their complex: store your DNA, free of charge, in the Vivos Global Genome Vault. It will be kept safe for future restoration (think Dolly, the sheep who was the first successfully cloned animal) or simple to preserve genetic diversity for the human race in case of an extinction event.

$17 Million Bunker in Georgia

Image courtesy of theblaze.com

9. Expensive Underground Bunker in Georgia

This massive bunker in Georgia is listed for $17.5 million. Buried 45 feet underground, it is designed to withstand any imaginable disaster, and many unimaginable ones too. There are 12 apartments with space for 13-20 people to live comfortably. There is a movie theater and luxurious common spaces.

The bunker is powered by its own three phase power plant with a solar system back-up.

Vivos Billionaire Bunker

Image courtesy of lewrockwell.com

10. Classy Bedroom in Vivos Underground Bunkers

Is it a mansion or an apocalypse shelter? It’s a bedroom in one of Vivos exclusive underground bunkers. In addition to the luxury community bunkers, this and other companies build numerous private bunkers. But it is hard to find out the details about these custom designs. Understandably, the uber wealthy don’t like to disclose too much information about their escape shelters. Celebrities like Tom Cruise vehemently deny that their bunkers even exist.

One can’t help but think, looking at this lavish room, that it might make more sense to invest resources in water filtration, food production and indoor farming techniques.

Bunker for End of the World

Image courtesy of mirror.co.uk

How the Rest of Us Can Survive the Apocalypse

Now we know where the wealthy will be when the world ends. But what about you and me? Just because we won’t be purchasing a luxury survival condo doesn’t mean we can’t prepare a safe space to weather an apocalyptic event.

These books give practical survival retreat advice for the everyday survival prepper. With a little research and a small investment you too can protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a global or local disaster.

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