10 Survival Traps and Snares You can Build Yourself

Simple Survival Fishing Traps

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8. Woven Fish Trap

Trapping is not only useful for catching mammals. This simple fish trap can be made out of reeds, slender branches, an old basket or a bamboo mat. Get creative with materials. The rules are straightforward:

1. Water must be able to pass through freely.
2. All routes around the trap must be blocked. Use stones or a net.
3. Tie the end of the trap closed.

That’s it. Fish will swim in but lack the reasoning abilities to get back out. Trout for dinner anyone?

Survival Traps: Squirrels

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9. Squirrel Trap

While you would probably rather eat a deer, wild hog or even a rabbit, in a survival situation you must be prepared to eat anything that is available. Squirrels are abundant in most parts of the country and their meat is tasty if you cook the toughness out of it. Think rabbit, but a bit sweeter.

This simple squirrel trap made of PVC pipes will catch live squirrels, so be careful when you open it up. A squirrel can be killed easily like a rabbit by holding its head in one hand, feet in the other and snapping its neck. Don’t get bitten.

Snare Trap

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10. DIY Snare Trap

Stuck in the woods with not so much as a length of twine? As this snare trap demonstrates, you don’t even need rope to build an effective snare. This one is made out of slender branches. You can also weave rope out of reeds or fibrous plants like dogbane. Learning to use the resources on hand in a creative and effective way is essential for survival.

How to Make Traps and Snares

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How to Make Survival Traps and Snares: Classes

In order to use traps or snares successfully you must be intimately familiar with your prey. You need to know what animals are in your area and how they move about. These trapping classes will teach you to identify local mammals by scat and prints and how to place a trap most effectively.

Trapping Resources

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Learn More about Making Survival Traps and Snares

If you don’t have the time or cash to take a class, these great books on trapping can help you educate yourself. Don’t be caught unprepared. Like all things, it takes practice to be able to construct a good trap or snare, so get started now.

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