11 Awesome Hobbit Homes for Preppers

Hobbit Hill Home

J.R.R. Tolkien captured the hearts and minds of the American people. The Hobbit came first, then The Lord of the Rings. Perhaps not surprisingly, his writing, and later the films based on his books, inspired people to build real life hobbit homes. These homes are dug into the earth. They are not dirty, dark holes but rather, as Tolkien writes, “they are Hobbit holes. And that means comfort.”

For the survivalist, a Hobbit home is more than a fun fantasy. These dwellings are energy efficient and require fewer building materials than traditional houses. Such low impact homes make living off the grid much easier. And they can be concealed as though they were part of the landscape, making them a great bug-out option.

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11 Awesome Hobbit Homes for Preppers

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