The 11 Best Guard Dogs for Personal Protection

11 Best Guard Dogs

In a survival situation, personal protection can be just as important as supplies of food and water. After all, your stores aren’t worth much if they are taken from you. Under many circumstances, a quality guard dog is worth even more than a firearm. And when you are not under attack, these dogs still go to work, protecting your livestock, patrolling your property and discouraging nosy passersby.

Many dogs can be trained, but these ancient breeds don’t need it. They are natural protectors, bred over centuries for loyalty, strength and sheer toughness. Be sure to clearly establish yourself as the dominant pack member. Become the alpha and these dogs will literally die for you. Check out what we believe to be the best guard dogs for personal protection.

Protection Dog Central Asian Shepherd

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1. Central Asian Ovtcharka: Faithful Guard Dog

When a stranger arrives at the farm, the female Ovtcharka runs out to meet him. If she feels threatened she attacks, from the waist down. At the first sign of her distress, the 200-300 pound male, who has been observing from afar, comes running. He doesn’t mess around. He goes straight for the intruder’s head.

This Russian guard breed 4000 years old, originating in the steppes of Central Asia. For millennial these guard dogs have protected flocks and shepherds, and they require little training. Despite their ability to be ferocious, they are tender and loving to their family. They are gentle with children, kittens and any creature that you designate as part of the pack.

South African Boerboel

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2. South African Boerboel: Fearless Personal Protection Dog

A dog whose ancestors fought lions, the Boerboel does not know the meaning of fear. These muscle bound dogs will fight in defense of their family and property to the death. While they are sweet and loving at home, be careful when introducing them to strangers and other dogs. An intelligent and intuitive breed, the Boerboel can sense when its owner is threatened and reacts accordingly.

Kurdish Kangal

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3. Kurdish Kangal Dog: The Best Ancient Guard Dog

The Kangal is a great all purpose security dog. Traditionally they were used as livestock guardians, so they are happy living out with the flock. But their protective instincts make them natural personal protection dogs as well. If you want a working guard dog who knows its job with little training, will protect you and your children and has been known to kill wolves, the Kangal is the dog for you.

Livestock Guardian Anatolian Shepherd

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4. Anatolian Shepherd: Livestock Guardian

Another livestock guardian, the Anatolian Shepherd doesn’t take any threat lightly. It can sense when your heartbeat increases, and if you are its target it will pursue you till it dies of exhaustion. These dogs are very territorial, and will defend your property from threats that arrive on four legs or two. They are self-sufficient and easy to care for. If hungry they will even catch and eat rodents, though they will never harm a member of the flock.

Dogo Argentino Guard Dog

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5. Argentine Dogo: Hunting Guard Dog

They are hunting dogs. The Dogo was bred to bring down wild boar, but mountain lions and bears don’t frighten him either. These are powerful, aggressive and fiercely faithful guard dogs which require a strong, dominant owner. They are more volatile than most of the breeds listed here. While they can make great companions and even family dogs, they need a powerful leader.

Fila Brasileiro Protection Dog

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6. Fila Brasileiros: The Best South American Guard Dog

A Brazilian livestock guardian, the Fila Brasilerios is fiercely protective. It perceives the family as part of its flock, and will protect them viciously if necessary. These tough guard dogs are gentle and loving with children of the family, and brutally merciless against any perceived threat. Don’t consider buying one unless you are an experienced dog owner and are confident that you can establish yourself as the dominant pack member. Care must be taken when strangers come to visit.

Protection Dog Belgian Malinois

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7. Belgian Malinois: Navy Seal War Dog

The Belgian Malinois is the only dog used by the Navy Seals. Yeah. The Seals have dogs. Dogs that jump out of planes attached to soldiers with parachutes. Dogs that leap off ships into the ocean with their handlers. Dogs that sniff out bombs and carry cameras to scope out battlefields before the soldiers set foot on the ground. Dogs so dedicated to their jobs that they will die before they give up. That’s the Belgian Malinois: the dog that fights for our country. They’ll fight for your family too.

Dogue de Bordeaux Protection Dog

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8. Dogue de Bordeaux: A Gentle Guard Dog

The Dogue is the gentlest of our favorite guard dogs. It traces its heritage back over 900 years to France, where it was bred as a fighting dog. Over the centuries the Dogue was used as both a war dog and to care for the flocks. Despite its tough, muscular build, this is an incredibly sweet dog that is kind to children and small animals and widely celebrated for its mild temperament. Don’t let the sweetness deceive you though, if the Dogue feels his master is threatened he won’t hesitate to react with deadly force.

Canaan Guard Dog

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9. Canaan Dog: Best Primitive Guard Dog

An ancient breed that has remained largely unchanged for the last 2000 years, the Canaan dog is quiet, observant and mistrustful of strangers. They are strongly loyal to their family and will protect livestock from any threat. Until the early 1900’s, the Canaan dog lived a semi-feral life in central Asia. It remains a resilient, self-sufficient and healthy dog that rarely becomes ill. This hardy dog will care for your animals, protect you and your family and even hunt for its own food if you allow it.

Akita Protection Dog

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10. Akita Inu: Quiet Protection Dog

The Akita is a sensible and intelligent guard dog. When strangers approach the property they are watchful. They rarely bark unless there is a clear threat, and will allow regular visitors (think lawn guys or the plumber) to pass unmolested. Yet if they perceive a threat to their family, especially to the children, watch out. Akitas are incredibly trainable, but will not tolerate any foolishness or disrespect. Treat these dogs as the intelligent guardians they are and you will have a faithful and highly effective protector.

Tibetan Mastiff Guard Dog

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11. Tibetan Mastiff: Most Intimidating Guard Dog

Giant. Fierce. Independent. Loyal. The Tibetan Mastiff is a primitive breed unchanged for the last 1000 years. They can top 150 pounds, and are in no way docile or obedient. They will fight to protect their home and family, but it is essential that they have clear boundaries and know who the top dog in the family is. It better be you. They are less tolerant of young children than many of our other breeds, and should always be supervised, especially around kids they don’t know. Tough, strong and faithful, the Tibetan Mastiff demands respect and clarity but will provide the ultimate line of defense for your home and family.

Best Protection Dogs

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The 11 Best Guard Dogs for Personal Protection

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