12 Best Solar Gadgets for Survival Preppers

Whether a local storm knocks out the power in your home for a few hours or a massive disaster shuts down the grid for month, solar powered gadgets will help you make it through. It is important to have a plan for providing light, heat and food preservation to your family when the electric goes down. Yet it could be just as critical to have power for a radio or to charge a cell phone.

This is not a list of solar panel options to power your whole home. These are the best solar powered gadgets that can fit in your bug out bag or be stored in your bunker. They will be useful in a survival situation, but you’ll also be glad you have them for the family’s next camping trip.

Solar Sun Oven

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1. Solar Powered Sun Oven

The makers of the original Sun Oven proudly advertise it as “The Utlimate Solar Appliance”. Completely American made, this solar oven keeps the heat out of your kitchen. Set it up outside and watch the internal temperature reach as high as 400°F. Great for cooking everything from a Thanksgiving turkey to loaves of bread or cookies, a good solar powered oven makes cooking outdoors easy.

Solar Camp Shower

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2. Solar Powered Camp Shower

Hygiene is an essential but overlooked part of survival prepping. After days camping or slogging through the brush, nothing feels quite as nice as a hot shower. You can choose from the classic and inexpensive solar camp shower, or a newer, higher pressure model like the Road Shower that will really wash away the dirt.

Solar Refrigerator

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3. Solar Refrigerator/Freezer

If you can cook with solar power, why not refrigerate with it too? There are many models of solar fridge/freezer sets available, from the 45 quart Whynter to the cooler-sized Grape Solar Fridge. Both can be set as a fridge or freezer. They are easy to set up.

As the image shows, you can literally use them anywhere. Why would you ever buy ice again? Not only is this the perfect addition to your camping or boating rig, but it could make all the difference if there is a long lasting power outage when the ability to store food safely becomes critical.

Solar Powered Light Bulb

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4. Solar Powered Light Bulb

While it may sound mundane, this solar powered gadget is probably the one you’ll use the most. Solar powered light bulbs are becoming more advanced. You can choose a sturdy bulb designed for outdoor and camping use or motion sensor solar light. One of our favorites is dimmable and has a remote control so you don’t have to get out of bed to shut it off.

Solar Generator

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5. Solar Powered Generator

A good quality solar powered generator is the perfect back up for emergencies. Unlike gas generators they are completely silent and there is no danger of toxic fumes. Many models are mobile, either as small trailers to haul behind a vehicle or on wheels that you can haul by hand. With the right arrangement you could go completely off the grid using solar generators alone.

Every household in the country could use a solar generator. After all, who’s to say that when the lights go out there will still be access to gasoline, diesel or propane?

Solar Lantern Water Bottle

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6. Solar Water Bottle Lantern

This is one of the best solar gadgets around. The two inch lid fits most standard water bottles, including Nalgene and Camelbak. Just screw it on, let it roast in the sun while you’re hiking and enjoy a glowing lantern in the evening. The mellow light is nice in a tent or as a night light for the kids.

If the cap alone isn’t enough, try the Xtreme Bright Solar Lantern. It’s brighter than the lids alone, and can be used like a dry bag to store small items like a wallet or cell phone when you’re on the water.

Solar Radio Gadget

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7. Solar Powered Radio

It is always a good idea to have a radio around that doesn’t depend on batteries. There are lots of options today. The Kaito Voyager is more than just a solar radio. It offers a AM/FM/SW and NOAA Weather Radio as well as a cell phone charger and red flashing lights with a siren for emergencies.

Solar Backpack

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8. Solar Backpack

It’s a solar gadget charger that doubles as a pack. With this clever design you can charge your smart phone, notebook or any electronic device with a USB port while you’re walking. When you arrive, your devices are charged up and ready to go. Use the solar backpack to charge other USB/Solar gadgets like flashlights or a radio.

Solar Powered Watch and Gadget Charger

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9. Solar Watch

Have you ever had to change a watch battery? It is not fun. And if a major disaster occurs you may not have access to new batteries. There are many solar powered watches on the market. The image above shows a new model called Carbon which is coming out soon. This design doubles as a device charger. It is a solar watch that features a USB port to charge up your phone or tablet.

Portable Solar Power Generator

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10. Portable Solar Powered Generator

Take advantage of solar and wind energy no matter where you travel. Weighing just 80 pounds, the Solar Stik has dual 50-watt solar panels that can produce 80 Amp-hours each day. It is easy for a single person to set-up. This model is widely used for humanitarian efforts, but it is also perfect for recreation or survival scenarios.

Solar I Pod Charging Trailer

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11. Mobile Solar Panels

This guy shows what is possible with a little creativity. It’s a simple design that allows you to haul your power source anywhere with nothing but a bicycle. This particular unit is peppered with USB ports, so that anyone needing to charge their devices can just plug in. It’s ingenious and neighborly.

Solar Coffee Brew

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12. Solar Powered Coffee Pot

Even if the world is ending, you need coffee in the morning. There are several nice solar heated coffee pots on the market, though a better choice might be a solar kettle. That way you can brew coffee, tea or even re-hydrate dried soups or cereals for a hot meal.

Solar Radio

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Where to Buy Cool Solar Gadgets

While the more common items like radios, lights and even generators are available from vendors like amazon.com and even ebay.com, some of our favorite solar products are little harder to find. Check out these vendors for the best solar gadgets:

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