12 Awesome Tiny Homes & Tiny Home Plans for Preppers

Tiny House in Luxury

Every survival prepper should sit up and pay attention to the tiny home movement. These little dwellings are a physical representation of the survivalist philosophy: they consume minuscule amounts of energy, save on water, are generally inexpensive and, most importantly, they force you to let go of your attachment to stuff. There simply isn’t room for more than you need.

That said, with a little planning even a tiny home can be sufficiently stocked with all the food and supplies you need to survive a 3 month crisis event in comfort and safety. Take a look at these tiny homes, they’ll make you want to move right in.

Tiny Home Hanging in a Tree

Image courtesy of tinyhousedesign.com

1. A Tiny Home Hung High in a Tree

While it may look precarious, this hanging home is carefully secured with high-tech clamps and cables. It is accessible through a tree-top boardwalk, and provides an especially unique living experience. Not only is this a fun house to sleep in, but unless there are gorillas in the woods, you are completely secure from any threat that may come along.

Tiny Home Ball

Image courtesy of tinyhouseswoon.com

2. Geodesic Tiny Dome

This creative building combines the energy saving features of both a tiny home and a geodesic dome. It’s simple, heat saving design is elegant and comfortable, while forming a striking feature in the yard. While this particular structure serves as a guest house, the design could easily be adapted into a fully equipped tiny home.

Classy Tiny Home

Image courtesy of tinyhousedesign.com

3. Tiny Home with Class

Not all tiny homes are inexpensive or simple, as this luxurious and modernly designed house demonstrates. With heavy beams, a sloping ceiling, a cozy living room and large kitchen, it’s easy to forget you aren’t living in a full size house. Who said tiny homes can’t be classy.

Tiny Home Floating Egg

Image courtesy of gizmag.com

4. Tiny Floating Egg Home

The designer of this tiny home took inspiration from the many birds nesting along the Beaulieu River in the UK. The little egg contains a hammock, kitchen and desk. Solar power fuels electrical devices, but there is no running water. Instead the owner relies on water from a spigot on shore. The egg does have a portable toilet, solar shower and charcoal burning stove to keep it toasty on chilly nights.

Luxurious Tiny Home

Image courtesy of trulia.com

5. Little House of Luxury

Ok, to be honest this isn’t really a tiny home. At 598 square feet, it’s a bit on the large side.

And it is neither sustainable nor affordable. Thanks to its exquisite private location on the San Juan Archipelago off the coast of Washington (it can only be reached by seaplane), the price tag on this one bedroom home on five acres is a whopping $1.8 million.

Despite its size and price tag, it is a really cool house! The idea is inspiring, especially the living roof which could be incorporated into many tiny home designs.

Tiny House in Luxury

Image courtesy of 6sqft.com

6. Tiny Home with a Hot Tub

This tiny home combines sustainability with luxury. It features a wood burning stove, a kitchen, bedroom and a hot tub! Currently this is a model being used at campgrounds in the UK, but the designers are planning to add a composting toilet and solar power to turn it into a real home.

While this somewhat luxurious, pre-made house isn’t the cheapest way to start a tiny home, but at $60,000 it is still relatively affordable compared to purchasing a full sized house. And don’t forget… it has a hot tub!

Tiny Home on Wheels

Image courtesy of tinyhousedesign.com

7. Mobile Tiny Home

A classic mobile tiny home, this house has everything you could want. There is a bathroom with a shower, a nearly full kitchen and a surprising amount of storage place. Hitch it up to your pick-up to go camping or traveling the country, or park in your property permanently. You get the security of a real wood home coupled with freedom of movement and a very cheap mortgage.

Tiny Home Made from Shipping Container

Image courtesy of collective-evolution.com

8. Shipping Container Converted into Tiny Home

With a little creativity you can get started on your tiny home with an initial investment of only $2000. There are so many surplus shipping containers lying around, that they really are that cheap. And they make the perfect shell for a tiny home.

A few simple modifications turned this container into a comfortable house. All it needed was a window or two and a nice little patio for sunny afternoons.

Tiny Home in a Tree

Image courtesy of tinyhouseswoon.com

9. A Tiny Home with Roots

This is a tiny home with roots. Built within and around an old oak in Spain, this cleverly designed house features low windows and an extensive porch. Shade from the tree keeps the home cool during the hot summer months. To integrate it further with the oak that supports it, the outside panels of the house are made of rustic boards with the bark intact.

As this treehouse showcases, living in a small home encourages you to embrace your outdoor space. This family spends their evenings on the patio, enjoying the fresh air and the call of the birds who also call this old tree home.

Classic Tiny Home

Image courtesy of tinyhousedesign.com

10. Tiny Home with a Sunroof

Finding space to put this tiny home is like finding a spot to park your motorcycle- easy. At less than 14 feet in length, it fits just about anywhere, and you don’t even need a big truck to haul it. Living in this house you’ll save on energy, water and, of course on the mortgage. It’s time to clean out your clutter, hitch up the house and find a piece of paradise property to settle on.

Tiny Home of Stone

Image courtesy of paulsproject.org

11. Tiny Home of Stone

This tiny two-story home has everything you need. It is quaint, attractive and completely functional. Note the solar panels on the roof, the chimneys from the wood fired stove, and the solidly built foundation of stone. The two wrap around porches provide plenty of extra space for entertaining. This is a sturdy forever home that is both beautiful and practical.

Futuristic Tiny Home

Image courtesy of tinyhousedesign.com

12. The Tiny Home of the Future

As cool as all these tiny homes are, the miniature houses of the future are even cooler. Take this design concept from Konrad Wójcik of Denmark. Modeled after a tree, it sits on a single pole. The whole home is eco-friendly and self-sufficient. It even uses geothermal energy and has a biowaste digester that turns your garbage into power.

The only downside of this futuristic tiny home is all the stairs. Not only does it have four levels in all, but the bedroom and the bathroom are two floors apart, making those late night trips to the toilet an unwelcome hike.

Tiny Home Plans

Check out the following resources to find the tiny home plans that best fit your style:

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