14 Solid Underground Bunkers

Bunkers aren’t just for doomsday freaks. In addition to being essential in the case of an epidemic, nuclear disaster or a war on our home turf, they also come in handy as storm shelters or safe rooms. While an underground bunker is a large investment that is not realistic financially for many people, it never hurts to dream. If you can afford it, building a bunker under your home or yard is an investment in your families future safety.

To help encourage your day dreams, here are 14 cool underground bunker designs for you to enjoy.

Bunker with Bunk Beds

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1. A Practical Bunker

This is a bunker for the whole family. Bunk beds give everyone their own sleeping space while saving room. There is even storage space above the beds. The leather couch will make you feel at home, and doubles as a dining space as it faces the small kitchen. Bright white paint reflects light so that the bunker never feels dark or gloomy. This family’s kids love it down there- they have a hard time keeping them out of the bunker! Every shelter design should take inspiration from this one. You may end up having to spend a lot of time down there, so make it a space you like to be in.

Pre-Fab Underground Bunker

2. Pre-Fab Steel Bunkers

Constructing an underground bunker became a lot easier with these pre-made steel containers. You can customize the interior to suit the exact needs of your family. Then all you have to do is dig the hole! The container comes ready to install, and can be buried in the yard or under the foundation of your future home. Hide the entrance inside your house or in a secure location outside, and no one will ever find your secret hideout.

Bunker with Bed

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3. Comfy Underground Bunker

Why not make your safety hideout a pleasant place to spend the night? This steel bunker has a full size bed, plush comforter and soft pillows, so if you’re forced to stay underground at least you’ll get a good night’s rest. The half wall adds a nice degree of privacy that you’ll welcome after a few days cooped up with your family in this tight space. Little touches to make the bunker comfortable will go a long way to preserving your morale during a disaster.

Dinner in Bunker

4. Dinner is Served in the Bunker

Being forced to stay in a small space, especially if it is underground, can be hard on the whole family. Maintaining some small degree of normalcy is important for preserving everyone’s sanity. This bunker has a real “dining room” complete with nice wine glasses, and a TV to alleviate boredom. Yes, we know that your storage space should be devoted to food, but that box of wine you snuck in may just be the thing that keeps you from murdering your spouse after two weeks underground.

High Class Bunker

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5. High Class Underground Bunker

If you can afford it, your survival shelter can be as comfortable as your home. This deluxe and spacious bunker is built into an ancient catacomb, complete with sturdy stone walls and ceilings. Nice paintings give it a cozy feel. With the separate kitchen and bedrooms with real doors, staying underground in this space won’t feel all that different from being at home. Of course there’s no windows or fresh veggies, but its still pretty nice.

Comfortable Underground Shelter

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6. Bunker with A Big Screen

Don’t underestimate the power of boredom in an underground bunker. After the initial fear and adrenaline of the emergency wears off, the long waiting game will begin. You know how stressful it can be if the whole family is cooped up in the house during a snow storm; imagine what it will be like in the small square footage of a bunker. This family planned wisely, choosing to place a large screen TV and comfortable sofa in their shelter to keep everyone entertained.

Nazi Bunker

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7. Old Nazi Bunker

This WWII bunker is hidden beneath a Paris train station. It was built as an air-raid shelter, then was taken over by the Germans. It is a well-kept secret that receives precious few visitors. A large space, it can house 70 people. In addition to the incredibly uncomfortable-looking cots, it was stocked with oxygen cylinders in case of a gas attack.

You probably aren’t even dreaming of building such a large bunker, but some of the design features are worth taking note of. Concrete is always a good bunker material choice, and the oxygen tanks aren’t a bad idea. While it isn’t visible in this shot, there is an exercise bike in there as well.

Steel Bunker

Image courtesy of www.messynessychic.com

8. Steel Bunker

This tough steel bunker has a few smart touches to keep it comfortable. The throw pillows and bright wood paneling brighten the otherwise cold metal, while the small kitchen has a fridge and a microwave. The latter saves on stove space, though it will force you to get creative with your cooking.

Bright Bunker

9. Brightly Painted Bunker

This underground bunker design is intended for a single person. It is stocked with a cot, desk, radio, microwave and even a small TV. That leaves plenty of room for food storage. Don’t forget to stock up on books, as it could get pretty lonely and boring down there with only one person. The bright paint will keep the mood lighter, though you may end up hating green after a month underground.

Food Storage Bunker

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10. Well-stocked Bunker

While it is nice to have soft blankets, a TV or a leather sofa, the most important design feature of your bunker is storage space for food. More important still is keeping your stores well-stocked and fresh. Make sure to rotate your dried and canned goods so you are ready at a moment’s notice if disaster should strike.

Bunker Construction

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11. Steel Bunker Under Construction

If it looks cramped now, imagine how you’ll feel after you climb 20 feet underground to get in it. But it just might save your life in the case of serious disaster or attack. You can order a customizable steel bunker with any design you like. Digging the hole is one of the biggest expenses!

Comfortable Bunker

Image courtesy of utahsheltersystems.com

12. Personalized Steel Bunker

Curtains are a great way to provide at least the illusion of privacy when the whole family is forced to live in a tiny space. This bunker is stylishly outfitted with nice bedspreads, comfortable deck furniture and throw rugs. Note that they didn’t forget the essentials: there are shelves with ample storage space and several large flashlights in case a power outage.

Red Oak Bunker

Image courtesy of www.atlassurvivalshelters.com

13. Red Oak Bunker

With charming red oak throughout, this bunker looks more like someone’s rec room than a fallout shelter. It is nicely equipped with a sofa, microwave, mini fridge and bunk beds. The smooth stone counters are not only nice to look at, but easy to keep clean. The oak cabinets nicely hide food stores, so you can pretend your just camping in the basement, not waiting out a pandemic or nuclear disaster.

Placing the Bunker

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14. Installing a Steel Underground Bunker

Installing an underground bunker is quite an undertaking. It is best planned ahead of time, before you begin construction on your home or at the very least before you landscape your yard or plant a garden. But once its there, safely buried, you’ll be rewarded with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect your family under nearly any circumstances.

Buy Underground Bunker

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Underground Bunkers for Sale

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14 Solid Underground Bunkers

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