19 Crucial Items for Your Bug Out Bag


It’s always debatable on what you should carry in your bug out bag. It could also depend on your geographic location on how to prepare for the worst. For instance, on the west coast you might consider earthquake kits and in other colder climate areas, maybe have a survival kit that will get you through being stranded in cold weather or hypothermic conditions. There are tons of articles showing what preppers consider to be necessary in order to survive at least the crucial 72 hour period after a disaster. The first few items that should come to mind are food, water, first aid kits and shelter. This is our take on the 19 most essential items we think should be in your bag before anything else.

1. Survival Food Kits


You will need to have foods that can be eaten as you walk and enough for 72 hours after a disaster or fallout. If you can last 72 hours then your chances of prolonged survival increases dramatically. Protein bars, energy bars such as Soldier Fuel have great reviews for sustaining soldiers. You can go 21 days without any food, but be assured that having no food for even a day or two can cloud judgment and your decision making in a survival situation, so it’s always important to have a survival food kit in your bag.

2. Water / Filtration Device


Like food, this almost goes without saying, but you will need access or be able to carry 72 hours worth of water per person in your party. If you live in an area with natural water supplies, get a Sawyer Mini Filter. It can filter 100,000 gallons of water. If you do not have a natural water source, you need to store water along frequented routes if possible. Storing water in your car, especially in plastic containers can be unhealthy for prolonged periods of time, however if it’s life or death a plastic container doesn’t sound terribly bad.

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19 Crucial Items for Your Bug Out Bag