22 Ideas for Your Bug Out Vehicle

Bug Out Ride

While these vehicles may not be practical when if and when gas shortages become an issue, you still need a last hurrah vehicle that will get you through the cramped roads and short tempers. Being there’s no real litmus test for these vehicles, it’s hard to put them in a simulated scenario of what it’ll be like when the SHTF, so maybe these are more for entertainment, but it’s still fun to discuss. Here are 22 different bug out vehicles to help inspire your vehicle design efforts!

bug out ride

This is probably the most universal and recognizable bug-out vehicle. Heck you may have even had one when you were younger. My family went camping in a truck bed camper all the time. They usually sleep at least 3 comfortably and many are fully equipped with a toilet, shower, kitchen sink, storage cabinets, and even a microwave and oven. You can’t really beat it. Best news is that they’re pretty affordable and you can often find them used.

bug out ride

Now this is what I call an all-terrain vehicle. This vehicle will get you through a snow storm, flood waters, deep mud puddles, rocky roads, and anywhere requiring a high-clearance vehicle. It may not carry much “stuff”, but it will get you to the places away from crowds when you need it the most.


You don’t have to spend tons of money to give your SUV a boost in reinforcement. A simple grill guard and a lift helped get this jeep off the ground and ready for combat. The rack on top is extra storage space for your preps.


Tires, that’s all I can say. Is there anything that could damage this ride’s ability to keep rolling? Notice the camo paint job to help blend in and the handy trailer to help haul his preps along with the spare tire just in case you actually do blow one out.


Sometimes it’s better to bug out on vehicles that can go places where others cannot. Not to mention motorcycles are much better on gas which will be a valuable commodity in a shortage. It’s a little hard to pack your belongings, but if you plan ahead and pack wisely, this could be a viable bug out vehicle option.


This flat bed truck has been transformed into the ultimate camo bug out ride AKA “The Survivor Truck”. The truck is armored with steel and fiberglass and features an active faraday cage to protect valuable electronic equipment in the case of an EMP attack and prevent electronic eves dropping.


Not only does this vehicle look sleek, it brilliantly functional. The roof retracts to help with aerodynamics and lessening the risk of flipping by lowering the vehicles center of gravity. The interior of this piece of craftsmanship includes a queen sized bed, two built in dog beds, two dressers, a full kitchen, two built-in dressers, a coat closet, shoe storage, a toilet, and an outdoor shower. More than enough to care for yourself in an emergency situation.


This 150sqft doozy of a bug-out vehicle also features an additional 110sqft of “deck” space when the side pieces are deployed. It might not make the best secret hide-away because of its electric color, but that’s easy to fix. With more space than many Tiny Homes, this house on wheels might just be perfect.


This is a beautiful concept vehicle offered by Mercedes. The Mercedes-Benz LAPV 6.X is designed to be an armored patrol car. It can transport up to 1.3 tons of cargo, which is more than enough capability for my bug-out needs. It also travels at speeds upwards of 90 MPH which will help get you to your bug-out location in record time.


The EarthCruiser is one of the most eye-catching vehicles on the road. I remember the first time I saw one in the parking lot of a national park interest point. Operating on a diesel engine the vehicle is known for good gas mileage. The roof-mounted solar panels provide ample power to operate the appliances, lights, and A/C unit within while parked.


I don’t have a lot of specific information on this particular vehicle, but doesn’t it look awesome? It’s reinforced with some sort of roll cage and ready for battle with smaller windows in the back to protect against gunfire. It sports an extra row of lights above the windshield as well.


This is a humvee like I’ve never seen before. Designed mainly for snowy terrain, this vehicle can traverse any landscape really, except perhaps rocky boulders. Given the width and height of this military-grade vehicle you are sure to have ample space to move around inside. I know that most of these vehicles are probably priced well above our means, but it’s still cool to dream.

rally fighter

This is the Rally Fighter. It is a fully customizable sport vehicle made in America! You may not be able to pack your entire family and friends into this luscious work of art, but you will certainly get where you’re going in style and speed. The raised sport vehicle allows you to fit into tight places while still having the capability to maneuver many different types of terrain. You won’t get off light on the wallet with the Rally Fighter, but it’s she beautiful?


This truck has been modified and lifted high off the ground, which in my opinion is a necessity. The tires are big enough to roll over most things in its way. The truck bed has been converted into a covered cargo area perfect for carrying your preps without exposure to the elements.


Nothing fancy here, but sometimes simple is the way to go. A simple truck with an extended camper over the cab makes for comfortable sleep and easy storage. The front is reinforced using a protective rack to help push other vehicles out of the way if needed.


This ride looks virtually indestructible. Military grade, this vehicle can be outfitted so the cargo area could be a living space and essentially roll over anything in its path.


This particular ride really takes shelter to a new level. Notice two multi-men tents above the vehicle itself as well as the canvas sitting areas beside the vehicle. Keeping yourself out of the hot sun or rain can save your life.


This all terrain four wheeler utilizes a special tire that is puncture proof. Replacement tires will be hard in a SHTF scenario, so this guy has designed his ride to withstand any puncture threats.


This man converted his Toyota into the ultimate SHTF vehicle and fighting machine. The tires are protected with shields designed to propel debris out of the way. The high clearance of the vehicle will help keep the vehicle off the ground and away from anything that might pose a threat.


This truck was transformed into a homemade RV by this couple. Complete with storage and sleeping areas above the cab and in the rear, there’s plenty of room for up to four people. The top of the RV serves as a platform for a surveillance deck. The front of the RV is also equipped with a winch to help pull out other vehicles.


This ride is equipped with tons of solar panels atop the roof along with an attached satellite dish. Having backup power will not be an issue for this ride when the SHTF. Extended off the back is an exit deck to gain easy access to the ride.


This ride really keeps you off the ground. As you can see the tent is supported and extended over the cab. The vehicle’s high clearance helps in dodging debris in a SHTF scenario. There’s even more space in the back where the canvas extends upward allowing more headroom.

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