Cheap Way to Make Your Own Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel

Water storage is a necessity if you are a prepper. Never ever depend on your local government to provide you clean drinking water. At any given time, all of that could stop – then what? If you don’t own a water well, the next best thing is storing water in containers.

In this case a rain barrel. Like anything else, you can usually buy from someone directly or you can save a few bucks and try making what you need on your own.

Being that we are near the pickle capital of the world, a barrel should be an easy thing to find. Instead of doing a ton of investigating, I found a local guy that had a source for acquiring pickle barrels. He was selling them for 25 bucks. From what I’ve seen some of the better barrels were around 90-100 bucks at a local ag store. I wasn’t terribly interested in paying that price. So for 25 bucks I got a 55 gallon barrel. After watching several tutorials on YouTube, I found the technique that best suited me and began building it. Below is a short list of items I bought.

  • Pickle barrel
  • Mesh screen (can get for free from an old screen door)
  • 90 degree galvanized elbow
  • Washer
  • Silicone
  • Spigot

You’ll also need a few tools like a drill, circular bit and a wrench or two for screwing on the spigot and elbow. You’ll also need some shears to cut the screen to fit the top of the barrel as well as a caulk gun. Most of these items I already possess, so they were no extra cost to me. When it was all said and done, I managed to spend less than $50 which saved me nearly $50. To see how I made the rain barrel, check out the video below for a better explanation of the process.


Cheap Way to Make Your Own Rain Barrel