DIY Solar Powered Radio from Yard Solar Lights

DIY Solar Radio

Sure you can buy the new hand crank or solar radios these days, but why pay upwards to 60 bucks for one when you can make one for free? If you have a small hand radio and a yard solar light, you can convert it from using batteries and using the sun instead in just minutes.

People throw away solar lights all the time because they think the lights have gone bad in them. Little do they know, it’s just the terrible factory battery that came in the light that has gone dead – the panel still works fine in most cases. In most solar lights you can unscrew the top of the light casing from the base. Once you do that, you’ll see the battery housing with the wires from the panel connected to it. You’ll want to snip the wires from the battery housing at the base of the housing, keep the length attached to the panel side if possible. Next you’ll need to remove the solar panel. Most of these are glued in and can be easily pried or loosened with a flat head screw driver – be careful not to damage the panel. You should then have a solar panel with two wires, red/black.

Now take the batteries out of your radio and attach the red wire from the solar panel to the positive terminal of the radio and the black wire from the panel to the negative terminal of your radio. You can use wire nuts or heat shrink tubing if you want to clean things up a little. Now just sit the radio and panel in the sun and listen to the radio for free.


DIY Solar Powered Radio from Yard Solar Lights