Snow Shovel Wind Turbine

12 Creative DIY Wind Generator and VAWT Designs

Part of being prepared for any disaster, natural or man-made, is having a plan for power. If the electric grid goes out, how will you light your home? Keep the contents of the freezer from spoiling? Run water pumps? Wind turbines are an easy way to harvest free power. There are many options, including the popular DIY wind generator design called vertical axis wind turbine, or VAWT.

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Hydroponic PVC Garden Project

12 Awesome PVC Projects

PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) pipes are widely used in plumbing. They are inexpensive and sturdy, yet still flexible enough that they can molded into many shapes. Because of the low cost of PVC and its ready availability, it is a favorite material for DIY projects. These are projects you can enjoy with your kids because they don’t require much in the way of heavy power tools, so it’s safe and fun for everyone involved.

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Hog Hunting Trap

10 Survival Traps and Snares You can Build Yourself

Knowing how to make traps and snares is an essential survival skill. Trapping is the most energy efficient way to hunt. You set your traps and they work for you while you attend to your other needs, such as building a fire or shelter. If you are equipped with a decent knife, these simple survival tools can be manufactured from materials you find in nature, though having a length of rope or wire on hand is certainly helpful.

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Toilet Pallet Project

14 Amazing DIY Wood Pallet Projects

The explosion of DIY pallet projects on the internet lately reflects the growing desire people have to both recycle and save money. You can typically get old pallets for free from any large garden store. This is a great source of free lumber that can easily be converted into a huge variety of useful items.

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Living Roof Coop

14 Ingenious Chicken Coop Plans & Designs

Chickens are a must for every survival prepper. They eat nearly anything, come home to their coop every night, lay eggs faithfully and adapt readily to new surroundings. With little input from you they will continuously produce both eggs and meat for the family. All they ask is a perch to sleep on at night and some sort of box or basket in which to lay their eggs. Depending on where you live, they may need to be confined in order to protect them from predators (or to protect tender garden seedlings from chicken scratching!).

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11 Off Grid Living Projects to Save Energy and Water

You may just be wanting a small cabin made from pallets with no running water or power sources for off grid living – or you may just want to do a few small things to help reduce your utility bills every month. Either way, you can get reduce your power and water consumption really cheap with just a little out of the box thinking. There are several ways to bring your expenses down without breaking the bank and have a little fun while doing it. Some of the off grid projects to be discussed include wind turbines, sun solar cookers, water filtration devices, miniature rocket stoves and more.

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13 Awesome Photos: Cheap DIY Off-Grid Cabin

If you’re looking to build a getaway home on some remote property, this is the shelter that might work for you. This arched cabin is a DIY kit that is shipped to you (additional cost). It doesn’t include the foundation or inside amenities, but it’s a cheap way to get you started. Arched Cabins will however include their own labor and turn-key options if you aren’t a DIYer. This build just goes to show you that you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to have a home place off the grid and away from the masses to start your prepping.

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DIY: Build Pallet Smokehouse for Less than $100

Pallets have taken the DIY community by storm because you can build just about anything using them. Repurposing wood can be done effectively and most of the time, ends up looking great. Most of the plans on the web for constructing a smoker are too small or called for using lots of expensive materials, so sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and pull a MacGyver. This cool video shows how to make your own pallet smokehouse for less than a hundred bucks.

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Solar Heater

DIY: Miniature Soda Can Solar Heater System

Using a few soda cans, some spare wood, some leftover plexiglass and a couple of old CPU fans – I made a miniature solar heater that is designed to sit in a window sill. This is a smaller version that I wanted to test out before building a larger 4×8 unit to do some real heating.

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DIY Solar Radio

DIY Solar Powered Radio from Yard Solar Lights

Sure you can buy the new hand crank or solar radios these days, but why pay upwards to 60 bucks for one when you can make one for free? If you have a small hand radio and a yard solar light, you can convert it from using batteries and using the sun instead in just minutes.

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