14 Self Sustaining Earthship Homes

Earthship in Desert

An important part of survival prepping is sustainability. To be truly ready for disaster on any scale, you must be prepared to provide your family with food and shelter. Ideally you are able to generate your own power and heat, collect your own water and process your waste. An Earthship home is designed to do all of this. It collects and recycles water, generates power, stabilizes temperatures, processes sewage and grows food.

Sound too good to be true? It gets better. These homes are built almost entirely from recycled materials. The designs have been adapted to suit nearly any climate on the planet. You can purchase Earthship building plans and do it yourself, or hire out a professional team who can put one up in about a month. Here are 15 Earthship images to get you excited about sustainable living.


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14 Self Sustaining Earthship Homes