EnerPlex Commandr 40 Portable Solar Panel


You may have already seen our reviews of the EnerPlex Commandr 20 with the Generatr 100 and the EnerPlex Generatr 1200 Solar Generator. In case you haven’t, EnerPlex specializes in portable, rugged and powerful solar solutions which can be a great solution for preppers needing power on the go. The Commandr 20 and Commandr 40 solar panels reduce nicely by folding down to manageable size to fit in your bug out bag.

Today we will be reviewing the Commandr 40 solar panels. Much like their smaller counterpart, the Commandr 20, they fold down to the same height and width dimensions and secured by velcro straps (51″ x 31″ x 0.7″), but they are a bit thicker once folded down. The Commandr 40 panels are double the weight since they are double the wattage (40 watts, 19v unregulated). Just like the Commandr 20, the solar cells are supported by rugged and durable plastic. They would be very difficult to destroy without a lot of effort. The Commandr 40 will hold up to heavy day to day usage without an issue.


I was really surprised how large this solar array turned out to be after unfolding it! The panels really do soak up the sun and pump out some decent power for portable panels. As you can see in the photo below they also have corner and center positioned grommets so you can secure these appropriately when setting up camp.


The Commandr 40 comes with the same weatherproof port and easy twist on cable lock system to keep the water out in case of exposure to weather. The power port also has a rubber protection cover when you’re done charging. This thing is really made to last, just like the rest of their products.



You can do a variety of things with the Commandr 40. Charging one of their portable generators like the Generatr 100 or the Generatr 1200 is a snap. Just plug in the power cable to the output on the solar unit and insert the other end into the input port on one of the generators to start charging immediately. Being this is a 40 watt panel you’ll be able to charge much more quickly than with the 20 watt panel. If you own the Generatr 1200, you’ll want to use the Commandr 40 for quicker charging. Pictured below, you can see it charging the Generatr 100.


The other option is charging your USB (5v), 12v and 19v devices directly from the sun using the voltage regulator. This is great if you don’t have a battery pack. You can see in the picture below how the regular has two output ports – one for 12v/19v with a toggle and the USB port which works great for charging your phone, GoPros, portable GPS units and other 5v devices.


Just as in past reviews, I was really blown away by the durability of their products. The Commandr 40 was no different – you can tell it is made to withstand lots of punishment. I’m also intrigued in how all 12 panels fold down to be so compact so they can easily slide into your pack. If you’re wanting solid portable, high powered solar solutions for your bug out bag, give EnerPlex a look.

You can visit their website to see their entire product line along with detailed PDF product manuals. To see the Commandr 40, visit:


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EnerPlex Commandr 40 Portable Solar Panel