Enerplex Generatr 100 + Commandr 20 Solar Panels


You may have already seen our review on the Enerplex Generatr 1200, if not be sure to check it out. It’s a cool renewable alternative to a gas generator power backup system, powered by the sun. The Enerplex Generatr 100 is a smaller, more compact version of the same technology but is still considered part of their large scale generators. It uses lithium-ion batteries like the 1200 model, which makes the battery pack really lightweight (2.0 lbs) compared to other industry alternatives.

The industry is flooded with portable power solutions right now, but a few things really set this apart from other battery packs. It’s packed with 94 watt hours of power. It has USB, 12v, 19v laptop ports and the big one for me is the AC inverter output, making it easy to use household devices like a lamp or charging my Macbook Pro. It also has dual charging capabilities, so you can charge multiple devices at once. It also comes with a bright LED which helps when trying to plug everything up in the dark! You can also see the slider in the image below so you can set to 12v, 19v or AC power.


On the other side of the device you have the AC power output along with the power input which can either be via wall outlet or the Commandr 20 panels. With this unit, you can expect to get 300+ charging cycles until the battery pack is exhausted. Another thing to note is that it does not offer pass through charging, which means you cannot plug the device into the wall and use the device to charge your consumer devices via the Generatr 100.

You can expect maybe 1-2 laptop charges from the Generatr 100.


To turn on the LED light, simply depress the light until it illuminates.


When charging or discharging the device there are illuminating indicators on the sides of the battery that will show you how much battery life is left. There are also blinking indicators with code instructions on the bottom of the device so you can gauge how much power is left in the bank. Unlike the Generatr 1200, this unit does not have a digital readout display.

Charging the device is a snap. As mentioned earlier, you can charge it using your wall outlet adapter (comes with the unit) or you can use the sun to charge it via their patented Commandr 20 solar panels. They both use the same input which makes it easy to hookup. If you’re charging solar, the unit does come with a cable for attaching to the Commandr 20 panels.



I really liked how the panels easily connect to the Generatr 1200 and Generatr 100. It’s a simple push and twist mechanism that ensures that you have it connected properly so there’s no room for error. I like how all of their products seem to be fool-proof and are robust and rugged, not to mention lightweight. The Commandr 20 is only about 1.65 lbs in weight, so very lightweight.


The Commandr 20 panels output 20 watts and can charge anything from laptops, phones to tablets and more. They are foldable and can be secured 2 velcro straps that are attached. The panels are military grade material and flexible so there’s no destroying them. So the unit has 6 solar panels and the last panel being one that houses the converter port which outputs the power to your battery pack or to a voltage regular which basically takes the power and makes it available in 12v, 19v and 5v outputs, so you can charge your devices directly from the sun, bypassing the battery packs. I really loved this feature of the Commandr 20. So maybe your battery packs are full and you want to utilize the 20 watts elsewhere, you can plug your phone directly into the voltage regulator for instant charging.


On the backside of the regulator, you can plug in several Commandr 20 panels to increase your input for charging. Another awesome feature is that you can daisy chain your Commandr 20 panels together using the charging cables.


Below is another cool shot of how the cables plug into the converter port on the Commandr 20.


The next shot is showing the panels sending power to the regulator which is then charging my phone all directly from the sun itself.


If you’re looking for more power than what the traditional consumer battery packs can offer, this is an affordable step up. I loved the flexibility and the easy connectivity of the panels to the battery packs and how everything was thought-out when designing these units. If you’re camping, hiking or just want to throw these in as part of an emergency backup plan, the light weight aspect of the units makes a huge difference in transporting them vs. some of their competitors.

For more information on the Enerplex Generatr 100 battery bank and the Commandr 20 solar panels, be sure to visit the Enerplex website for pricing, spec sheets and reviews.

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Enerplex Generatr 100 + Commandr 20 Solar Panels