Enerplex Generatr 1200 Review


Planning for a disaster whether it’s a hurricane, a snow storm or anything that could cause your power to go out, you need a backup plan. The most popular option are gas generators, but even with those you need enough gas on hand to keep them running for a sustained period of time. The Enerplex Generatr 1200 is a 1231Wh large format battery that which is ideal for emergencies without the dependence on gas. You can charge the Generatr 1200 by a solar source like their 20w Commandr Solar Panels to achieve a full charge in 10-12 hours of full sun by hooking several of the panels together.

Enerplex makes a wide variety of consumer solar products from panels to all sizes of battery packs. The Generatr is their largest battery bank comprised of lithium batteries making it 60% lighter than comparable products like the Goal Zero Yeti but it still holds the same amount of power that will keep all your devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and even mini fridges powered up for days.

The first thing I noticed was how light the generator was compared to lead acid alternatives. It’s really rugged with nice handles which makes it much easier to transport. It comes decked out with nearly every type of output you could imagine including several 5v USB ports for charging things like your phone, GPS device and GoPros. It comes equipped with a 12v output, laptop port and integrated AC outputs (wall outlets). You can turn on the Generatr using either DC output, AC output or both depending on what you want to charge. In the image below you can see how there are two different configurations for output for 12v and one for 19v devices as well.


The Enerplex Generatr 1200 also sports a nice digital backlit readout to show the input and output levels for the battery bank. The readout gives you a time estimate on how much is left in the tank, although it will fluctuate wildly depending on the load you’re pulling and recover when you stop using it.


On the other side of the gamut for inputting power there are several options. The Generatr comes with a 12v Anderson input along with a cable in case you want to charge it from your car cigarette lighter while your vehicle is running. There are input ports on the front that can be used with the included wall AC adapter if you want to charge it at home. You can also use those same ports with the Commandr Solar Panels to input power. There are additional inputs on the back as well.


The great thing about this generator is that it uses a pure sine wave inverter for the 110v AC output ports. That means your electronic devices such as your TVs will not be damaged with continuous use. If you’ve done your research you want to make sure any inverter you use for solar purposes is pure sine wave.


The Generatr comes with several adapters for laptops plus the 12v Anderson to cigarette lighter adapter with a nice storage compartment lid that closes flush on the top of the generator. They really give you everything you need to get this charging all your devices right out of the box.


In the image below you can see the Commandr 20 Solar Panels connected to the Generatr. Simply lock on the cable to the solar panel output and plug the other end into the Generatr input ports and you can see on the readout where it is indeed charging even in low light.



I did a test on the Enerplex Generatr and wanted to really examine how it could handle a few a devices that I would typically use this with. I plugged in my charging station for my walkie talkies, my Macbook Pro, my smart phone and a GPS device. I flipped both switches on for the AC and DC power and with no surprise, it was charging them all with ease. The battery bank has the capacity to exhaust 1000 watts of continuous power for one complete hour. So these devices didn’t even begin to put a load on the Enerplex Generatr. This generator can power a mini-fridge for hours as well as LED lighting. This battery is a workhorse and runs much quieter than a gas powered generator.

Just for kicks, I wanted to see what it could run. I actually ran my Firestorm power drill long enough to do some meaningful work. When the power goes out and you have kids that wanna watch TV or play their video games, this generator will get the job done for a few hours. I can think of more important uses, but just to illustrate the abilities of this device, I wanted to mention that.

You can also use the Generatr 1200 to charge other Enerplex battery packs like their Generatr 100, which is a miniature version of the Generatr 1200. There’s really no limit on the flexibility of this device. I’ve even transmitted using my GMRS radio for a few miles away using the 12v output, so it works great as a base station for radio comms.

So to wrap up this review, if you’re in the market for a generator that isn’t gas powered and more geared toward solar energy, this is definitely the best bet. Lithium batteries are so much easier to deal with because you don’t have to maintain them in the same way you do lead acid batteries – no topping them off with water when they get low. The Goal Zero Yeti uses sealed lead acid batteries, but they are still much heavier than the Enerplex Generatr 1200. Everything is going lithium – devices you see on the market, whether it’s weed trimmers, leaf blowers, power drills or saws – they all use lithium batteries and it’s for a reason. They are light and powerful.

Enerplex has a ton of products on their website that will fit just about anyone’s needs. If you’re not in the market for a generator this size, look at some of their other products that come in handy for all walks of life. Visit their website to read more details and learn about pricing on the Enerplex Generatr 1200.

Feel free to ask them a question or ask us a question on Facebook about our experience with this product. We highly recommend it if you’re a prepper and if you’re not a prepper it’s great for camping! Be sure to tell them Prepperology sent you.

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Enerplex Generatr 1200 Review