Foursevens PK Knight Flashlight Review


Foursevens recently sent me out two new flashlights to review, one being the Foursevens PK Knight compact LED flashlight. Weighing at only 0.9 grams, this light makes a perfect accessory to your EDC kits. Its brightness at 450 lumens makes it the brightest single battery light that Foursevens manufactures.

The Knight is a collaboration between PK and Foursevens – utilizing a CR123A lithium battery for prolonged use. It is not a rechargeable battery, however. The battery will last 30 hours using the lowest brightness level and 2 hours on the highest, so these flashlights are very efficient and will last you a while if you conserve their use.


The light also comes with a two-way clip that is functional two ways for versatility. The flashlight also utilizes a two-mode interface using a quick push button for fast use or the twist feature to access the different brightness levels as well as 5 hidden modes such as strobe.

It’s a great little light with a powerful LED. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the video below and visit for pricing and further specs.

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Foursevens PK Knight Flashlight Review

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