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14 Essential Survival Tools You Probably Overlooked

Survival prepping is serious work. There are so many things to think about. After all, the whole point is to be prepared for absolutely anything. This is a list of survival tools that are essential to have on hand but are often passed over or simply forgotten.

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Personal Water Filter Comparison: Sawyer, LifeStraw, Survivor Filter

When it comes to survival or regular every day living, clean water is the key to it all. In a survival situation it can be extremely tempting to take a drink of the first pool of water we see, but we all know that is probably a recipe for disaster. A water filtration device is absolutely necessary, but with so many on the market, how do you know which one to buy? In this article I will compare and contrast three very popular personal water filtration devices and you can decide which one to purchase for your survival needs.

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Sarma Custom Made Torba-Mini

Sarma Custom Made Torba-Mini EDC Pack

Thanks to Sarma Custom Made I was able to review their EDC bag – the Torba-Mini. We all need a small EDC (every day carry) pack to throw in our cars with vital essentials for basic survival. It may be first aid kits, self defense mechanisms, water filters and food. Whatever the contents, this EDC pack will handle it. I’ll start with that it’s custom made by hand. Every part of the bag is made with quality materials starting with the Cordura fabric.

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Ganzo G720 Tactical Folding Knife

This is my second folding knife review, again this is an imported knife from China. While I don’t really like most things that are imported from China, the two knives I’ve reviewed have been pretty good quality for the price tag. Now it’s not a USMC Ka-Bar or anything, but really – for under 15 bucks it’s hard to beat if you’re prepping on a budget, which most of us are.

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Sanrenmu 7010 Stainless Steel Folding Knife

If you know my blog and follow me enough you know that I’m a fixed blade knife fan. With that being said, I realize that folding knives have their place and use. They work well in small EDC kits or good enough to put in your car’s glove compartment. Today I’m reviewing the Sanrenmu 7010 Stainless Steel Folding Knife. It is an imported knife from China, so if you aren’t into imported products I totally understand however I wouldn’t promote anything that I felt was junk or of bad quality.

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EnerPlex Kickr IV Solar Charger with Accessories

I always enjoy reviewing solar products simply because it’s amazing how they work – in this case it’s a portable solar charger made by EnerPlex. I recently discovered their company on Facebook and was pleasantly surprised at their gear and product line. Much like their competitors, they offer a full range of solar panel products from panels to power storage devices. Luckily I had the chance to review three of their products, the EnerPlex Kickr IV Solar Charger, the Jumpr Stack 9 and the Jumpr Quad.

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Eagle Creek Systems Go 60L Duffel Pack

I had the opportunity to review a very cool larger 60L pack by Eagle Creek. It’s the Systems Go 60L Duffel Pack which is really versatile because you can use it as a backpack or a duffel bag by just rearranging the shoulder straps. The Systems Go line also allows you to use the “cube” Pack-It System which helps organize all of your belongings into separate compartments.

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Comparing Portable Solar Chargers

Comparing Portable Solar Chargers for Prepping

It’s always good to have an alternative way to charge your portable 5v devices on the go. Having a means to recharge batteries, lights, emergency radios and walkie talkies is very important in a grid down situation when there’s no power. In some cases you can even bypass the batteries and power devices directly with the sun since we all know that batteries do not last forever. With that being said, there are several companies manufacturing portable solar chargers these days, it can be difficult determining if you’re purchasing the best product for the money.

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Cook and Boil Water Simultaneously with the Kelly Kettle Basecamp Outdoor Stove

The Kelly Kettle Basecamp Outdoor Stove is the complete package. I’ve reviewed several outdoor stoves and none of them can boil water and cook at the same time. While this isn’t as compact as other fold-down pocket stoves it’s way more versatile and can cook food and boil water much faster than anything I’ve seen. The large Kelly Kettle will hold 1.6L of water, which is the one I’m reviewing today, although they do offer different sizes.

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Power Your Electronics with the Sunferno Flintstone Solar Charger

Being able to charge USB powered radios, walkie talkies, GPS devices is a must for preppers. The Sunferno Flintstone Solar Charger is a rugged, portable, solar powered charging station for your small electronics. The charger uses 2.0 fast charging technology and will charge the devices at the maximum speed possible. It has dual USB ports with a total combined 2.1A current to charge two devices at the same time.

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