7 Necessary Medical Training & Resources You Should Seek

Part of prepping for a disaster may sometimes involve learning skills that may not be applicable until you face a survival or disaster scenario. Some of these skills can still be helpful in every day life especially if they are medical-related skill sets. There are a wide variety of medical skills you can learn, sometimes free or at a low cost to you. If you take advantage of those medical training courses and resources available to you, the medical issues that may arise in a disaster may be easier to handle.

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14 Must Have Medical Kit Essentials for Survival

There are a few medical kit items that we will cover that may seem like common sense to you, but it never hurts to touch on them to make sure everyone understands their importance or to jog some memories. While some of these items may seem unimportant to you, each one has a use that could save your life, so keep an open mind! Most of these can be found at Walmart, Target or your local pharmacy.

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