13 Self Sufficient Off the Grid Homes

The term off grid refers to living self-sufficiently. For most people this means giving up reliance on public utilities. Off grid homes do not rely on municipal water, sewer, natural gas, electricity or other utility services.

For some off grid living means a lot more. These are the people who fully embrace the idea of self-sufficiency. They farm, hunt, garden or forage for their food, produce their own clothing and live without any commercial products at all.

While you may not be prepared to completely give up the creature comforts of modern living, increased self-sufficiency is the goal of most survival preppers. Here are 13 beautiful off the grid homes that might inspire your future home or bug-out shelter.

Off Grid Solar Cabin

Image courtesy of sanjuanselfsufficiency.com

1. Solar Off Grid Cabin

This cozy cabin is heated by the sun and a small wood stove. While solar power is commonly used to provide electricity in off grid homes, it can also be used passively to warm a house. Placing large south facing windows in your home will bring in the sun’s thermal energy, and you can magnify it many times by incorporating materials with high thermal mass into the construction of your house. This technique is used in building Earthship homes, which maintain a comfortable room temperature year round.

The Box House

Image courtesy of smallhousebliss.com

2. The Box House

Making the transition to off grid living can be a little rough. When this beautiful Australian box house was first built it lacked electricity, hot water and a bathroom. The owners bathed in an outdoor bath tub and borrowed the neighbor’s outhouse.
Now “The Box House" is equipped with solar panels for electric and has its own bathroom. The elevated tank collects rainwater for the home’s water supply.

Czech Off Grid Cabin

Image courtesy of smallhousebliss.com

3. Czech Republic Off Grid Retreat

This beautiful off grid cabin in the Czech Republic uses solar power for electric and has its own well and septic system. It was built in the remnants of an old barn using locally milled wood and recycled materials.

It has five large doors along the front of the home that open it completely to the beautiful sunny courtyard.

Off Grid Cabin A Frame

Image courtesy of airbnb.com

4. Off Grid Community Living

This simple A-frame cabin is part of an entire off grid community. This crowd takes off grid living to the extreme. There are composting toilets, permaculture gardens, chickens and a variety of on-going DIY projects throughout the village. They shouldn’t have any trouble surviving if disaster strikes… in fact, they may not even notice.

The hand built cabin is located in Northern California, and you can stay there yourself via Airbnb.

Off Grid Cabin with Hot Tub

Image courtesy of solarburrito.com

5. Remote Off Grid Cabin

This is a solar powered off grid cabin built by famous snowboarder Mike Basich. The house is built using local stones from the property and cement. There are solar panels positioned on swiveling poles to maximize the power from the sun throughout the day. And for those extra chilly days there is a wood fired hot tub to warm up. Who said sustainability couldn’t be comfortable?

Local Stone Cabin

Image courtesy of solarburrito.com

6. Inside the Solar Cabin

Here’s an indoor shot of the cabin from the last page. You can see the stone the home is built out of- it is beautiful and sturdy. Sourcing local materials will make your off grid home sustainable from the very start. It is also a good opportunity to learn about different ways of building. After all, long before sheet rock people built homes out of earth, stone, cob, bamboo and even sod. These building skills can prove incredibly valuable in a survival situation.

Off Grid Cabin Large Garden

Image courtesy of offgridkindred.wordpress.com

7. Off Grid with a Garden

This classic cabin was built by hand using 17th century construction techniques and granite sourced from the property. The large garden out front is a good reminder about priorities. When it comes to surviving food is important. It makes more sense to use the area around your home for growing food than for maintaining a pretty and water-costly lawn. In fact, you’ll find gardening a much easier if your garden is your front yard, simply because you’ll spend more time in it.

Porch on Off Grid Cabin

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8. Small and Comfortable

While building an off grid cabin as a sustainable home or as part of a survival bug-out plan is serious business, don’t neglect comfort in your design. This is a house you’ll spend time in. A porch is an effective and simple way to make a small home more comfortable. Useful and pleasant outdoor space is especially important if you will be sharing a small space with your children.

Norwegian Kroie

Image courtesy of tinyhouseblog.com

9. Norwegian Tiny Off Grid Homes

Koiene is a system of small, off grid cabins in Norway. If you happen to be visiting you can rent them by the night, or simply let them be your inspiration for building a simple, tiny, off grid home of your own.
The cabins have either a propane or primus stove. The bathroom consists of an outhouse, but if you want a bath you’ll have to take a swim in the creek.

Off Grid Cabin San Juan Island

Image courtesy of smallhousebliss.com

10. San Juan Island Cabin

This off grid cabin commands an impressive view of the waterways surrounding San Juan Island. It features two towers joined by a single story living space. The towers were designed to mimic forest fire lookout towers. Combined with cabin’s location at the top of a hill on an island, the towers make this a home it is impossible to sneak up on. The house is heated by a wood stove, and the bathroom is an outhouse as their is no indoor plumbing.

Off Grid Home for Sale

Image courtesy of rainier.com

Off Grid Homes for Sale

You don’t have to build your own to enjoy the benefits of off the grid homes. Check out these sites to find a survivalists dream home near you.

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