10 Awesome Items for Your Prepper Wish List

I wanted to compile a list of 10 important items that every prepper should possess in their bug out bags. Now I know that these items are my opinion and certainly up for debate, but they where chosen based on my prepping knowledge to date, affordability, practical use and overall cool factor. These items make great additions to your wish list and won’t bankrupt your family when looking for gifting ideas.

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Build Your Own Portable Solar Power Unit

Thanks to the hard work of Lasersaber at LaserHacker.com, he’s developed an open source idea for making your own solar power unit. What makes this build so unique is that everything is enclosed inside the frame of a 20 watt solar panel allowing you to plugin a power strip and power your devices easily.

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Solar Heater

DIY: Miniature Soda Can Solar Heater System

Using a few soda cans, some spare wood, some leftover plexiglass and a couple of old CPU fans – I made a miniature solar heater that is designed to sit in a window sill. This is a smaller version that I wanted to test out before building a larger 4×8 unit to do some real heating.

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13 Reasons Bandanas Should Be In Your Bugout Bag

A brightly colored cotton bandana – who would have thought it could save your life? It’s true. If it’s not part of your survival kit or bug out bag, it should be. Bandanas are light weight, portable and make a cheap addition to your goodie bag. Most of all they have several uses, some of which could determine whether you walk out of your situation alive.

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Cell Phone Charger

Charge Cell Phone with Any Battery Using this Trick

While you may not find yourselves in this situation much, it’s always nice to have a way to power your small electronic devices such as walkie talkies, cell phones or even USB devices.

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Rain Barrel

Cheap Way to Make Your Own Rain Barrel

Water storage is a necessity if you are a prepper. Never ever depend on your local government to provide you clean drinking water. At any given time, all of that could stop – then what? If you don’t own a water well, the next best thing is storing water in containers.

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Rabbit Box Trap

Make a Simple Rabbit Box Trap Out of Scrap Wood

The best way to catch small game like rabbits or squirrels is a small box trap. Snares and other traps are great in a survival situation without any other means and trapping, but having the game trapped in a box keeps it away from other predators seeking an easy meal.

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DIY Solar Radio

DIY Solar Powered Radio from Yard Solar Lights

Sure you can buy the new hand crank or solar radios these days, but why pay upwards to 60 bucks for one when you can make one for free? If you have a small hand radio and a yard solar light, you can convert it from using batteries and using the sun instead in just minutes.

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Save Money: Revive Old Car Batteries Using Alum

We’ve all turned the ignition on our cars only to hear nothing when we expect it to crank. Usually we hitch a ride to the auto parts store and grab a new battery and turn in the old one to eliminate the dreaded core charge which is mandated by our lovely government. Before you turn the battery in, let me offer you an alternative use for those old car batteries.

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Rice Storage

Learn Ways to Store Rice Long Term

Being that rice is the perfect survival food because of its long shelf life, you must also know how to store it effectively – otherwise it’s money down the drain. Moisture and bugs can ruin rice and your appetite, so the goal is much like any other food in that you want to store it air tight.

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