Foursevens PK Knight Flashlight Review

Foursevens recently sent me out two new flashlights to review, one being the Foursevens PK Knight compact LED flashlight. Weighing at only 0.9 grams, this light makes a perfect accessory to your EDC kits. Its brightness at 450 lumens makes it the brightest single battery light that Foursevens manufactures.

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How to Tap a Syrup Tree

12 Trees for Harvesting Natural Syrup

In the aftermath of a disaster your first thoughts will be about survival. But what if the effects of a crisis drag on, like during the slow recovery from an EMP or financial crash? Once you have shelter, clean water and a steady food supply, you’ll find yourself missing the sweeter things in life. Fortunately nature is full of syrup trees whose sugary sap can satisfy your cravings.

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Vivos Europe Billionaire Bunker

10 Luxury Underground Bunkers for Wealthy Survivalists

Every survivalist dreams of building an underground bunker or an impenetrable safe room. While a survival bunker can be expensive, if disaster strikes it could easily save your life.

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Clay Rocket Stove in Estonia

13 DIY Rocket Stove Designs

Rocket stoves are highly efficient for cooking and heating. They use a simple combustion chamber coupled with an insulated chimney to burn small amounts of material at high temperatures. A few sticks of wood will have water boiling in minutes. A couple more will keep your house warm and cozy through the harshest winter months at a fraction of the cost of a wood, pellet or gas stove.

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Heated Thermal Clothing

12 Essential Tools for Your Winter Survival Kit

You’ve got your bug-out bag ready to go. Your car is well stocked with emergency survival gear. Your home has a variety of solar powered gadgets in case the electric or gas goes. But are you really prepared to survive outdoors in middle of January? Winter is coming, and you never know what might happen. Be prepared with a good winter survival kit.

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Yurt with a View

10 Reasons Everyone Should Live in a Yurt

In any survival situation from natural disaster to nuclear war, shelter is a primary consideration. Unless the disaster is one that requires an underground bunker, a yurt will meet all your shelter needs. These inexpensive homes can be made from everything from small trees and animal skins to metal posts and heavy canvas. They are mobile yet solid.

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Wetland Filters Dirty Water

13 Effective Plant Based Grey Water Systems

By building your own grey water treatment plant you can save thousands of gallons of water. Recycled grey water can be used to water a garden, do laundry, wash dishes or flush toilets. Combined with a filter it becomes drinkable. Managing your own waste is an important step to self-sufficiency. If an apocalyptic event occurs large waste water treatment plants may shut down.

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Green Building Cob House

12 Amazing Cob House Designs & Cob House Plans

Being able to construct shelter from local resources is a key survival skill. If you learn how to properly construct a cob home, you can build more than just a temporary home. Cob houses are known to last well over a hundred years. All you need is a clay based soil and straw or pine needles.

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Butterfly Rainwater Storage

14 Awesome Rainwater Harvesting Systems

If you are serious about survival prepping, you should have a system in place to collect rain water. It is a smart way to save water in normal times, especially if you live in a region with drought or a long dry season. It is also a back-up system that could sustain you during a natural disaster or other crisis.

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Source Tactical Double D 45L Hydration Cargo Pack Review

If you’re looking for an advanced tactical bag, you should check out the following review of the Source Tactical Double D 45L Hydration Cargo Pack. The price point on this pack is elevated, but for good reason. Made from 500d Cordura Fabric, the pack is a very solid option for your bug out bag equipped with hydration capabilities.

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