Sarma Custom Made Torba-Mini

Sarma Custom Made Torba-Mini EDC Pack

Thanks to Sarma Custom Made I was able to review their EDC bag – the Torba-Mini. We all need a small EDC (every day carry) pack to throw in our cars with vital essentials for basic survival. It may be first aid kits, self defense mechanisms, water filters and food. Whatever the contents, this EDC pack will handle it. I’ll start with that it’s custom made by hand. Every part of the bag is made with quality materials starting with the Cordura fabric.

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Ganzo G720 Tactical Folding Knife

This is my second folding knife review, again this is an imported knife from China. While I don’t really like most things that are imported from China, the two knives I’ve reviewed have been pretty good quality for the price tag. Now it’s not a USMC Ka-Bar or anything, but really – for under 15 bucks it’s hard to beat if you’re prepping on a budget, which most of us are.

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Sanrenmu 7010 Stainless Steel Folding Knife

If you know my blog and follow me enough you know that I’m a fixed blade knife fan. With that being said, I realize that folding knives have their place and use. They work well in small EDC kits or good enough to put in your car’s glove compartment. Today I’m reviewing the Sanrenmu 7010 Stainless Steel Folding Knife. It is an imported knife from China, so if you aren’t into imported products I totally understand however I wouldn’t promote anything that I felt was junk or of bad quality.

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EnerPlex Kickr IV Solar Charger with Accessories

I always enjoy reviewing solar products simply because it’s amazing how they work – in this case it’s a portable solar charger made by EnerPlex. I recently discovered their company on Facebook and was pleasantly surprised at their gear and product line. Much like their competitors, they offer a full range of solar panel products from panels to power storage devices. Luckily I had the chance to review three of their products, the EnerPlex Kickr IV Solar Charger, the Jumpr Stack 9 and the Jumpr Quad.

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Eagle Creek Systems Go 60L Duffel Pack

I had the opportunity to review a very cool larger 60L pack by Eagle Creek. It’s the Systems Go 60L Duffel Pack which is really versatile because you can use it as a backpack or a duffel bag by just rearranging the shoulder straps. The Systems Go line also allows you to use the “cube” Pack-It System which helps organize all of your belongings into separate compartments.

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19 Items You Should Keep in Your Emergency Car Kit

Emergencies happen when you least expect them, but they don’t always have to be stressful situations. Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road? If you haven’t, you’ll be glad you came across these ideas before it’s too late. No one has time for a vehicle breakdown and no one certainly anticipates it to happen. The trunk of your car can be the Holy Grail of survival so why not start filling it now? Some people spend more time in their cars commuting than in their own homes so it only makes sense to be prepared on the road. It’s important to have an emergency car kit.

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19 Crucial Items for Your Bug Out Bag

It’s always debatable on what you should carry in your bug out bag. It could also depend on your geographic location on how to prepare for the worst. For instance, on the west coast you might consider earthquake kits and in other colder climate areas, maybe have a survival kit that will get you through being stranded in cold weather or hypothermic conditions. There are tons of articles showing what preppers consider to be necessary in order to survive at least the crucial 72 hour period after a disaster. The first few items that should come to mind are food, water, first aid kits and shelter. This is our take on the 19 most essential items we think should be in your bag before anything else.

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19 Kinds of Survival Food You Should Be Prepping Now

The human body can survive for up to three days without water and up to three weeks without food. But who would want to? The key to survival is staying healthy and while many foods can be found in the wild, you will be smart to start collecting foods that have a long or indefinite shelf life immediately.

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20 Awesome Ideas for Your Pallet House or Shelter

Being a prepper requires being able to be frugal and making your dollar stretch when you can. Not everyone can afford underground bunkers or expensive off-grid homes equipped with the latest and greatest features. Some of us barely have enough money leftover each month for food preps. Learning how to improvise and adapt is part of survival and prepping. You can build a shelter from just about anything including shipping containers and pallets. Pallets are inexpensive and often thrown away so it makes perfect sense to use for a shelter.

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16 Possible Bug Out Locations When SHTF

Bugging out is often talked about in the prepper community and everyone has a strong opinion on whether to stay put or to get out of town if things go haywire. While we all have strong opinions on the matter these are just some possible areas that I thought would be good selections based on getting away from the mass population, not natural disasters. Feel free to chime in on our Facebook page and let us know what you think. These aren’t listed in order of preference.

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