The Pocket Shot

Shoot 350 Feet Per Second with The Pocket Shot

It’s always cool to review a new product that I’ve never seen before. I was surfing the web and ran across this nifty device called The Pocket Shot. Essentially it’s a slingshot alternative that uses a rubber latex pouch attached to a circular casing to launch the ammo into the target. You just drop one of the steel balls into the pouch, pull back and let’r rip. The manufacturer boasts its ability to shoot projectiles at 2-3 times the rate of a regular slingshot and up to 350 feet per second.

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13 Awesome Photos: Cheap DIY Off-Grid Cabin

If you’re looking to build a getaway home on some remote property, this is the shelter that might work for you. This arched cabin is a DIY kit that is shipped to you (additional cost). It doesn’t include the foundation or inside amenities, but it’s a cheap way to get you started. Arched Cabins will however include their own labor and turn-key options if you aren’t a DIYer.

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UVPaqlite: Impressive Night Illumination that Lasts Forever

Thanks to Alexis at for sending over her product for me to review. The UV Paqlite is really unlike any product I’ve ever reviewed, but wow it is cool – especially if you’re into alternative ways to light your campsite or have some small illumination around the house at night. At first I thought this would be a “one and done” glow in the dark product, but I was totally wrong.

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20+ Home Employment Opportunities to Help Get You Off Grid

Most people have the dream of being able to earn money conveniently and not deal with morning commutes, concrete jungles and over-populated cities. Working from your residence gives you the opportunity to live in remote areas but still make revenue. The advancement of cell phone data towers and satellite connectivity allows you take advantage of being self-sustained using the internet without leaving your front door. Being a prepper, most can’t afford to have two locations (home + bug out property). Supporting yourself makes it possible to make your home your bug out property – away from the population centers.

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Hoo-rag: The Absolute Best Survival Bandana

Bandanas are one of the most versatile items you could have in your bugout bag in terms of the number of uses they have. They really could save your life in a number of ways. I’ve most recently jumped aboard the bandana train not specifically for survival uses, but when running or hiking they are nice in keep the sweat out of my face as well as covering my skin in the hot sun, however they are a great addition to your list of survival items. A couple of years ago I bought a few bandanas off the web knowing for certain they wouldn’t be large enough.

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9 Great Bug Out Bag Infographics

Everyone’s bug out bags are different. Each of us has a hierarchy of importance on the items that are thrown in our bag for when times get tough. There is no right or wrong way to pack your bag as long as it contains the essentials. However it’s always cool to see what other people are thinking and pull ideas from others. There may be something you never thought of and feel it’s a great candidate to include in yours. There are several infographics floating around the web, so we decided to compile a few for your viewing pleasure.

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Schrade SCAXE5 Tactical Hatchet Review

If you’ve followed Prepperology in the past two weeks you have gotten familiar with Schrade, Old Timer and Uncle Henry Knives. Schrade sponsored our giveaway which featured the Schrade SCHF26 and the Schrade SCHF27 knives! If you aren’t familiar with Schrade, they are owned by Taylor Brands, LLC an industry leader in manufacturing, designing and distributing high-quality stainless steel cutting tools and accessories.

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Bug Out Ride

22 Ideas for Your Bug Out Vehicle

While these vehicles may not be practical when if and when gas shortages become an issue, you still need a last hurrah vehicle that will get you through the cramped roads and short tempers. Being there’s no real litmus test for these vehicles, it’s hard to put them in a simulated scenario of what it’ll be like when the SHTF, so maybe these are more for entertainment, but it’s still fun to discuss.

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10 Free Preps to Hoard from Your Hotel Stay

My wife and I just got back from a trip where we stayed in a hotel several nights and I noticed all the freebies that come along with your hotel stay. While, I know that you ultimately pay for those things, people do tend to leave these items behind instead of thinking of how they could be utilized for future purposes. While most of these items don’t come in huge quantities, every little bit helps especially if you travel a lot. So technically these aren’t freebies since you most likely pay for them anyway, but most folks don’t think of all the possibilities they leave behind when they close their hotel door for the last time.

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Bunker with Bunk Beds

14 Solid Underground Bunkers

Bunkers aren’t just for doomsday freaks. In addition to being essential in the case of an epidemic, nuclear disaster or a war on our home turf, they also come in handy as storm shelters or safe rooms. While an underground bunker is a large investment that is not realistic financially for many people, it never hurts to dream. If you can afford it, building a bunker under your home or yard is an investment in your families future safety.

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