The Pocket Shot

Shoot 350 Feet Per Second with The Pocket Shot

It’s always cool to review a new product that I’ve never seen before. I was surfing the web and ran across this nifty device called The Pocket Shot. Essentially it’s a slingshot alternative that uses a rubber latex pouch attached to a circular casing to launch the ammo into the target. You just drop one of the steel balls into the pouch, pull back and let’r rip. The manufacturer boasts its ability to shoot projectiles at 2-3 times the rate of a regular slingshot and up to 350 feet per second.

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13 Awesome Photos: Cheap DIY Off-Grid Cabin

If you’re looking to build a getaway home on some remote property, this is the shelter that might work for you. This arched cabin is a DIY kit that is shipped to you (additional cost). It doesn’t include the foundation or inside amenities, but it’s a cheap way to get you started. Arched Cabins will however include their own labor and turn-key options if you aren’t a DIYer. This build just goes to show you that you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to have a home place off the grid and away from the masses to start your prepping.

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10 Cool Survival Uses for Zip Ties

Zip ties are an awesome invention dating back to 1958. Much like duct tape they have many uses – some of those that can be directly applied to survival. Zip ties formerly known as cable ties are very impressive in their holding power for their smaller size. When it comes to survival, everyone should throw a bundle of zip ties in their bags. Here’s a list of 10 cool uses for these rascals.

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UVPaqlite: Impressive Night Illumination that Lasts Forever

Thanks to Alexis at for sending over her product for me to review. The UV Paqlite is really unlike any product I’ve ever reviewed, but wow it is cool – especially if you’re into alternative ways to light your campsite or have some small illumination around the house at night. At first I thought this would be a “one and done” glow in the dark product, but I was totally wrong.

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Protect Yourself from Harmful Bacteria Using The Copper Shark

A bacteria outbreak or germ warfare is a distinct possibility in today’s society. While it’s likely something like that could happen, other surface borne bacteria are probably more of an immediate threat to your health. It’s important to protect yourself especially in public places where germs are rampant. The last thing you want to do is take something like that home to your family. While there are many ways to prevent coming in contact with bacteria, this is a cool product that I never saw until this week.

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60+ Nifty Shelters You Can Make Using a Tarp

Shelter and water are the two most important essentials when it comes to survival. Regulating your body temperature can prevent hypothermia and hyperthermia. You can construct some pretty cool makeshift shelters using a tarp, which are great for stowing away in a backpack because they’re relatively light and quite versatile in how you use them.Having a tarp as part of your bug out bag is essential, it’s lighter than a tent, easily carried on your backpack and so versatile. Tarps are also good to use because of their effective waterproofing unlike some natural shelters. See this cool graphic you can save or print out of more than 60 shelters you can make using a tarp.

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20+ Home Employment Opportunities to Help Get You Off Grid

Most people have the dream of being able to earn money conveniently and not deal with morning commutes, concrete jungles and over-populated cities. Working from your residence gives you the opportunity to live in remote areas but still make revenue. The advancement of cell phone data towers and satellite connectivity allows you take advantage of being self-sustained using the internet without leaving your front door. Being a prepper, most can’t afford to have two locations (home + bug out property). Supporting yourself makes it possible to make your home your bug out property – away from the population centers.

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3 Insightful Tips To Make a Great Bug Out Bag

Sadly, every bug out bag (BOB) is not created equal. At best a BOB will enable you to safely evacuate and keep you alive until you are able to move to safety. At worst a poorly assembled BOB will slow you down, complicate your trip, and cause you stress or injury. Cramming it full of every piece of gear you own isn’t necessarily the best idea, so it’s important to think things through when assembling your personal bug out bag. Check out these 3 fundamental tips to make it as practical and lean as possible.

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survival slingshot

This Hardcore Survival Slingshot is a Tool – Not a Toy

We’ve all had toy slingshots as kids – shooting rocks and such, most likely in places we shouldn’t. Until recently it never really occurred to me that they could be used in self defense and not just hunting small game. In a survival situation, ammunition will be scarce and most will eventually run out unless they have a means of making their own – even then gun powder is hard to reproduce without certain key ingredients and those will also be in high demand. Therefore you must learn to utilize unconventional tools and alternative means to protect and hunt.

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Sunrocket: FREE Hot Water Using the Sun!

Don’t wanna deal with building fires to boil or heat water? Let me introduce you to the Sunrocket, a portable solar hot water kettle and thermos. The Sunrocket uses solar thermal technology equipped with a vacuum tube with reflective panels to focus solar energy.

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