Filter Water Easily and Quickly Using the Platypus Gravity Works 2.0L Filter


I’ve reviewed several water filters in the past but most didn’t filter large amounts of water at once, at least without a lot of labor involved. I’m not taking anything away from other filters, because some of them serve their purpose if you need a quick drink of water on the run. The Platypus Gravity Works Filter is a great solution for preppers in need of filtering water in mass and it does it a lot quicker than traditional filters.

The Platypus Gravity Filter works using physics and hollow fiber technology. Instead of tiresome pumping or sucking through a straw, you can fill the 2 liter dirty bag with dirty water, then watch as it passes through a water line into the filter which then empties into a 2 liter clean water bag. All you have to do is hang it up and let gravity do the work.

There are several pieces that come with the system that allows you to configure the filter in three different ways. The first is directly into the clean water bag. You also have the option of filtering it directly to a bottle or water bladder. In my video, I used the standard method of attaching it to the clean water bag. The clean water bag also has a bottle cap on it so you can drink directly from it.

Platypus Gravity Works 2.0L Water Filter

The Platypus Gravity Filter comes in a nice carry bag that will slide easily into your bug out or 72 hour bag. It comes disassembled in several pieces so you have to figure out how to piece it together, but it’s a snap once you do it once. The water line also comes with a clamp that acts as a shut off valve so the water will not filter until you release the valve.

Platypus Gravity Works 2.0L Water Filter

The filter attaches inline between the dirty water and the clean water bags. The Platypus will filter down to 0.2 microns and releases water at a rate of 1.75 liters per minute. That’s a lot of water in a short amount of time compared to other water filtration systems. The filter has a life span of 1500 liters, so that’s over 750 uses before you need to replace it. In a survival situation, you need a minimum of 3 liters of water per day. If only one person is using the filter, you can get 500 days of use. That’s a lot of water coming through such a small device. The system can also be backflushed in the field in seconds!

Platypus Gravity Works 2.0L Water Filter

You can get the Platypus Gravity Works 2.0L Water Filtration System directly from the Platypus website or if you prefer, you can find them on as well.

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Filter Water Easily and Quickly Using the Platypus Gravity Works 2.0L Filter

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