9 Self Defense Classes You Need to Take

Self Defense Training

If disaster strikes, you want to be prepared with solid self defense skills. Unfortunately, tough times don’t always bring people together. This is especially true if resources are scarce and families are starving. Being prepared to defend yourself and your family from other people is a sadly necessary skill. Good self defense tricks are also useful in day to day life.

Here are nine of the best self defense training options available. Remember, you’re not the only one who should be trained. Get the whole family involved in one of the following activities.

Krav Maga Defense Course

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1. Krav Maga Practical Self Defense

An Israeli martial art, Krav Maga is about staying alive in a dirty street fight. Unlike the beauty of classic Tae Kwon Do or Karate, this style of fighting is fast and ugly. But the techniques are invaluable if you find yourself fighting for your life. In most martial arts you respond to an attack with a defensive block, then retaliate with an attack of your own. But that’s all too slow for street fighting. Krav Maga will train you to attack and defend in a single movement, so you can respond faster than your attacker.

Self Defense Scenarios

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2. Model Mugging Self Defense Training

This course was developed in 1971 which provides a full spectrum of self-defense training. It is not a martial arts class. In addition to physical defense techniques, students are trained in awareness and learn to avoid and prevent attacks. There is a well padded mugger to practice with, who can take some seriously hard hits. Unlike many martial arts courses where you have to hold back to avoid injuring your partner, Model Mugging encourages you to go all out, using your new skills as though you were really being assaulted. This 20 hour course is a great option for the whole family. There are classes geared specifically to men, women and children.

Wrestling Jiu Jitsu Style

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3. Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts Training

This Japanese martial art is hybrid of many different fighting styles. In addition to kicks and punches, there is a fierce element of wrestling. Jui-Jitsu will prepare you for a real life-or-death encounter. This is not friendly ring fighting. Techniques to overcome your opponent include biting, eye-gouging and choking. You will be trained to use your opponents own energy and ferocity against him in a variety of throws, joint locks and holds. Jiu Jitsu is a practical martial art as it teaches you to use all the resources you have to overcome your enemy.

Self Defense Reality

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4. Jim Wagner’s Reality Based Self Defense

Jim Wagner offers a variety of self defense classes. His main course is titled “War Arts Student”. An 80 hour course, it covers defensive tactics, knife survival, handgun survival, situational awareness and more. You can take a group or private class, or do video courses live with the instructor via Skype. This is real life self-defense training for the survivalist. Wagner will even teach you how to survive a terrorist attack. All of the training is based on reality, teaching you how to handle situations that are likely to occur. The practicality and accessibility of the course are rapidly making it one of the most popular self defense classes available.

Drive like Mad Max

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5. Evasive Driving Classes

Have you always wanted to be able to drive like one of those bad-ass getaway guys in the movies? Here’s your chance to learn how, though using some of your newfound skills may not always be legal.

The Vehicles Dynamics Institute offers courses on protective driving. Geared towards bodyguards and personal security personnel, these classes will train you in evasive and protective driving. You will learn how to detect surveillance and how to escape it. While these classes are most useful to professional drivers, you never know when being able to drive like Mad Max could save your life.

My Self Defense Training Course

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6. My Self Defense Training Course

This train at home video program allows you to develop your skills from the comfort of your living room. The course uses a technique called Combat Conditioning. Through a series of exercises you will ingrain certain responses and movements into your body. When you are threatened in real life, muscle memory will kick in, allowing you to react effectively without even thinking about it. It is available in modules, so you can try it out without purchasing the entire course. Download the first module on your computer or tablet.

COBRA Defense Training

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7. C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense Classes

This nation-wide organization offers a variety of self-defense courses for the whole family. Choose from a one day survival camp or a ten week survival academy. Shorter day courses are offered for kids. The training includes combat conditioning, self-defense, defense against weapons and striking. What makes C.O.B.R.A. special is the focus on real life scenarios. You will practice dozens of scenes throughout the course, allowing you to apply the skills you learned. This is an especially great program for children, as they focus on practical skills like avoiding abduction from a vehicle.

Body Guard Classes

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8. Body Guard Training

If you want to take self-defense to the next level, consider taking a professional body guard course. These are seriously hard core courses, so be prepared before you enroll. Think “basic training” or “boot camp”. While these classes are more expensive than basic personal self-defense courses, they are invaluable to the family man. After all, your family is the most precious thing you have and you want to be able to protect them from any threat. Learn the skills that secret service agents and highly paid body guards have, and you’ll be able to keep your family safe in all circumstances.

Akido Defense Class

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9. Akido Self Defense Classes

Akido is a true self-defense art. The basic premise is that when someone attacks you he leaves some part of himself vulnerable. You learn to take advantage of this weak spot and use the assailant’s own force to disable him. There is no offense in Akido, only a sure and powerful ability to stop someone who tries to harm you. You will be amazed at home many ways there are to flip, throw and toss a man who outweighs you by a hundred pounds with just a flick of your wrist. Akido is all about not wasting your own energy, but rather using that of your enemy to exhaust and overcome him.

Self Defense Class

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Where to Take Self Defense Classes

Here are a few resources to help you find a great self defense class to start preparing yourself and your family for any contingency.

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9 Self Defense Classes You Need to Take

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