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Is This Bigfoot Caught on a Trail Camera in Northern California?

Everyone has their claim to fame footage of bigfoot, but does anyone ever really capture it or is it another hoax? Many wonder why isn’t this rascal caught on a trail camera – well this new piece of video claims to do just that. This newest footage is short and was shot in Northern California. Whatever this camera caught, it didn’t make it very happy as it ripped the camera off the tree and buried it. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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Cheap Cabin Kits Starting At $3900

Living off grid or on our own piece of property with a cabin seems far fetched for many of us due to the expense involved. Many of us would give nearly anything to get away from the rate race and get off grid. I ran across a website that sells cabin kits. It’s basically everything that you would get in a house including windows, doors etc – it just comes in a kit meaning you would have to put it all together. If you have a family member or friend that has a little know-how you could get it built in a few days.

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18 Best Selling Survival Gear Products

Survival prepping for some has become a fad, but for some it’s serious business and making sure you have the right products could mean life or death if the SHTF. Due to the large influx of product competition prices have become lower for gear like solar panels and water filters. Still, sorting through tons of products can be difficult for a new preppers that are looking a good bang for their buck on survival gear.

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Porch on Off Grid Cabin

13 Self Sufficient Off the Grid Homes

The term off grid refers to living self-sufficiently. For most people this means giving up reliance on public utilities. Off grid homes do not rely on municipal water, sewer, natural gas, electricity or other utility services.

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Mirror Camouflaged Home

14 Camouflaged Home Designs You Have to See

When disaster strikes the consequences could be devastating for those who aren’t properly prepared. Unfortunately, you can’t prep enough for the entire population, so you need to be ready to protect the resources you’ve gathered to keep yourself and your family alive. Sometimes the best way to protect yourself is to stay unseen.

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Creative DIY Pallet Projects

10 More Incredible DIY Pallet Project Ideas

A good prepper is able to use any resources at hand to build the things he needs to stay alive. A well prepared survivalist has versatile materials on hand. Recycled wood pallets are a great source of cheap (read: free) lumber that can be converted into anything from an emergency shelter to a chicken coop or piece of furniture.

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Best Selling Survival Gear: The Top 12 Products

Survival prepping has become something of a fad. In some ways this is good, as many entrepreneurs are looking to capitalize on the survivalist market. This means there is more competition which results in the manufacture of quality survival gear at lower prices. Yet it can be hard for the serious survival prepper to sort through the shear mass of items available.

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Edible Wild Plants

16 Common Wild Plants You Can Eat

Nature is full of food. Even desert climates that look like barren wastelands have abundant resources that can help you survive if you know where to look. We’ve gathered a list of 16 common wild plants you can eat. These leaves, seeds, roots and herbs can keep you going in a survival situation when you’ll need all the strength you can get.

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How to Tap a Syrup Tree

12 Trees for Harvesting Natural Syrup

In the aftermath of a disaster your first thoughts will be about survival. But what if the effects of a crisis drag on, like during the slow recovery from an EMP or financial crash? Once you have shelter, clean water and a steady food supply, you’ll find yourself missing the sweeter things in life. Fortunately nature is full of syrup trees whose sugary sap can satisfy your cravings.

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Vivos Europe Billionaire Bunker

10 Luxury Underground Bunkers for Wealthy Survivalists

Every survivalist dreams of building an underground bunker or an impenetrable safe room. While a survival bunker can be expensive, if disaster strikes it could easily save your life.

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