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10 Energy Efficient Geodesic Dome Designs

Geodesic Treehouse Dome

It’s not hard to understand why the geodesic dome was a popular home design in the 60’s and 70’s. Geodesic domes require few building materials. They are energy efficient and incredibly stable. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes or hurricanes, a geodesic dome is the most secure structure you could build.

While the popularity of geodesic domes lapsed in the last few decades in response to stricter building codes (think stairways, fire escapes, chimneys and so on), they are starting to make a comeback. The beauty, efficiency and strength of the design cannot be faulted. These qualities make a dome a logical choice for a survival prepper building a new house. Here are 10 of our favorite geodesic dome designs.

Geodesic Domes in the Alps

Image courtesy of curbs.com

1. Geodesic Dome Cabins in the Alps

Geodesic domes are spheres built out of triangular pieces, called triangulated polyhedrons. In this image, each triangular piece is built out of pine, and then assembled on a spherical framework.

Rent one of these beautiful cabins for your next summer get-a-way in the alps. Each small dome house features a bathroom, porch, stove and access to a sauna. They say the scenery is just like the Sound of Music.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

Image courtesy of solardome.co.uk

2. Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

Geodesic domes are energy efficient because of the reduced surface area created by their unique shape. They are typically 1/3 more efficient than a more traditionally built home.

Less surface area equals lower energy loss. This quality makes a geodesic dome a great design for a greenhouse. The many facets presented by the different triangular pieces catch the sunlight throughout the day, and the energy efficient structure keeps it trapped inside. A small dome, like this one, is great for extending your growing season.

Ships Worldwide, Dome Kit

Image courtesy of aidomes.com

3. Geodesic Dome Kit

If you are interested in building a geodesic dome house, consider purchasing a dome kit.

This image shows a house from the highly acclaimed geodesic dome kit producer, AI Domes. They offer a variety of dome kits available for shipment worldwide. All the kits are produced in the United States. The materials generally cost about 1/2 the price of materials for a traditionally built home and are especially easy to assemble.

The insulation is already installed, 80% of the prefinished concrete exterioe is reinforced with fibers and galvanized steel mesh. To top it off the interior 1/2 inch shell drywall is already in place.

Geodesic Dome on Coast

Image courtesy of flickr.com

4. Geodesic Dome House on Pilings

Geodesic domes are famous for their structural integrity. The weight of the home is evenly distributed across the building, giving it great strength and resilience. For this reason they hold up especially well to earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

You can see why someone chose a geodesic dome design for this Galveston, TX beach house. It is up on pilings, like many homes in the area, due to common flooding from ocean storms. In an area prone to rough sea weather, this is the most secure home design possible.

Hanging Geodesic Dome Furniture

Image courtesy of 6sqft.com

5. Hanging Geodesic Dome Furniture

The geodesic dome is also a great design for furniture. Consider this hanging swing, which could be placed in a yard or out in the water for an especially romantic experience.

The hanging dome is designed to sway in a gentle pendulum motion. The movement reduces stress and tension, while helping your lymphatic fluid find equilibrium. This internal balance is essential for health. That makes this chair a comfortable, health-promoting and beautiful conversation piece.

Geodesic Treehouse Dome

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

6. Geodesic Dome Home in a Tree

If the original geodesic dome design is too boring for you, consider building a geodesic treehouse. Suspended high above the main house, this guest home weighs in at a mere 1200 pounds. The struts are aluminum to reduce weight, and the floor, basket and canopy are all made out lightweight recycled plastic.

Some guests may have difficulty stomaching the climb up, but once you get settled the view is impressive.

Tiny House with Geodesic Roof

Image courtesy of greenoptimistic.com

7. Tiny House with a Geodesic Dome Roof

There are many ways to incorporate some of the principles of geodesic dome design without building your whole house that way. After all, the curved spaces make it challenging to find furniture or arrange a room.

This tiny house in Aptos, CA uses a geodesic dome roof to save on energy. The glass windows are south-facing to capture warmth from the sun. Plus the elevated ceiling creates abundant loft space, an essential feature to comfortable living in a tiny home.

Geodesic Dome Interior

Image courtesy of tcpermaculture.com

8. Inside a Geodesic Dome Home

The geodesic dome was made popular as a house design by the architect Buckminster Fuller in the 1940’s and ’50’s. Since then, many variations on the simple dome have come about.

This stunning house turns the dome structure into a work of art. The beautifully grained wood creates a dramatic effect in the ceiling. As you can imagine, there are many possibilities for turning a geodesic dome into a multi-level home.

Geodesic Dome Rec Room

Image courtesy of thejumpstartproject.com

9. Partial Geodesic Dome House

Another way to incorporate a geodesic dome into an otherwise traditional house design is to add it on as an observatory or rec room. This brightly painted dome is as attention grabbing as it is cozy. With bright skylights it needs little lighting. Positioned as it is atop the house, it requires very little heating to stay warm, even in the winter time.

Even if you are not building a new home, you could add a small geodesic dome on to your existing house as a guest space, kids play room, office or, better yet, a man cave.

Tiny Geodesic Dome in the Woods

Image courtesy of ctpost.com

10. Tiny Geodesic Dome House

This mini geodesic dome is a guest house on an organic farm. Though it lacks a bathroom, kitchen, heat and electricity, it still gets rave reviews from guests. They say it is like camping, only better.

The dome was built entirely from wood grown in the forest just feet away. This Connecticut cabin is a great example of what can be done with a simple geodesic dome. Why not add a wood stove and a few solar powered lights and make it your getaway in the forest? With a few modifications, including water and heat, this would make a great bug-out destination.

Geodesic Dome Under Construction

Geodesic Dome Plans

Looking for a little help designing your geodesic dome house? Here are a few resources to help get you started.

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10 Energy Efficient Geodesic Dome Designs

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