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10 Survival Traps and Snares You can Build Yourself

Hog Hunting Trap

Knowing how to make traps and snares is an essential survival skill. Trapping is the most energy efficient way to hunt. You set your traps and they work for you while you attend to your other needs, such as building a fire or shelter. If you are equipped with a decent knife, these simple survival tools can be manufactured from materials you find in nature, though having a length of rope or wire on hand is certainly helpful.

Here are ten traps and snares that will serve you well in a survival situation. Many of them are great for catching rabbits and small game. Others are designed for wild boar and other large animals; you probably won’t get an opportunity to use these traps unless SHTF. If it does, you’ll be glad you know how to build them!

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10 Survival Traps and Snares You can Build Yourself

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