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100+ Awesome PVC Projects & Plans

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PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) pipes are widely used in plumbing. They are inexpensive and sturdy, yet still flexible enough that they can molded into many shapes. Because of the low cost of PVC and its ready availability, it is a favorite material for DIY projects. These are projects you can enjoy with your kids because they don’t require much in the way of heavy power tools, so it’s safe and fun for everyone involved.

100+ Awesome PVC Projects & Plans

We’ve put together a list of 100+ PVC projects that are ingenious. These ideas have applications for both daily living and survival scenarios. Another thing to remember is to paint PVC pipes if you plan to use them outdoors, as they will deteriorate with exposure to the sun. They will become brittle and break all to pieces.

PVC Boat

Image courtesy of reddit.com

PVC Project #1: Collapsible Boat

This is a boat that really floats, made out of PVC pipes and some sturdy tarp. The designer is planning to add a sail for greater speed and maneuverability. A boat like this could be a life saver in a survival situation. It is easy to build, requires readily available materials and keeps you afloat. It could be used as a fishing vessel or a way to cross water while keeping your family and your possessions nice and dry.

PVC Fish Crappie

Image courtesy of fishingonline.wordpress.com

PVC Project #2: Fish Crappie

You can use PVC pipes to build artificial fish habitat. By placing these crappies in a pond or lake you provide the fish with habitat and shelter. You know right where the fish are, and you don’t have to worry about snagging your line. They are handy for every-day fishing, but even better in a survival situation when catching fish is about feeding your family, not sport.

PVC Dune Buggy

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

PVC Project #3: Dune Buggy

This PVC project might be a little complicated, but the end result is amazing: a dune buggy made of PVC. You may be surprised to learn that PVC is inherently very strong material. It is well suited for a project like this. If installing a motor is too intimidating, you could always make a Flintstone’s style PVC cart.


Image courtesy of cityofchicago.org

PVC Project #4: Strandbeest

Ok, these things have nothing to do with survival. But they are really, crazily cool. These walking ‘creatures’ are called strandbeests. They are built out of PVC pipes, zip ties and plastic sheeting. Currently they roam the sandy beaches of Holland with their creator, Theo Jansen.

This is an incredible example of just how far you can go with PVC pipe projects!

PVC Chicken Projects

Image courtesy of backyardchickens.com

PVC Project #5: Chicken Coop

With some chicken wire and PVC pipe you can make everything your chickens need. To make a stationary coop you just need to build a PVC frame and cover it with the wire. Be sure to provide shelter from the weather. This can be done easily by placing a heavy tarp over part of the coop. You could also build a mobile chicken tractor to let your animals range without danger from predators. PVC pipes can make efficient chicken waterers and feeders too.

PVC Boot Dryer

Image courtesy of instructables.com

PVC Project #6: Boot Dryer

There is nothing worse than having wet feet. At best it is annoying. At worst it is downright dangerous. Dry your boots out quickly with this homemade boot dryer. All you need is a little PVC pipe and hair dryer. This is a great use for left-over plumbing parts.

PVC Well Drill

Image courtesy of drillyourownwell.com

PVC Project #7: Drill Your Own Well

If your home is on flat land, you may be able to drill your own well using a PVC pipe and garden hoses. This technique will create a shallow well. You shouldn’t use such a well for drinking water. However, this simple well is great for irrigating your lawn or garden. There is no reason not to use the water in toilets or for laundry either.

PVC Wind Turbine

Image courtesy of thehomesteadsurvival.com

PVC Project #8: Vertical Wind Turbine

This DIY wind turbine is made out of PVC pipe and an old washing machine motor. While it is small it could be used to pump water, power electric fencing or charge small devices. It can be made from materials that are nearly free. Wind power is a great way to reduce your electric bill and carbon emissions.

PVC Boat

Image courtesy of zhaomingdiary.blogspot.com

PVC Project #9: Boat with an Outboard Motor

This PVC boat is a bit higher tech. Made out of larger pieces of pipe, it is designed to use an outboard motor. This particular boat is still in the early phases of construction.

PVC motor boats are common in Taiwan. They are rafts made of PVC pipes lashed together with polyester strapping. A wooden framework is placed on top to form a deck, pilothouse and engine compartment. Some of the larger boats are 40 feet long and have shaft-drive diesel engines.

PVC Medieval Cross Bow

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

PVC Project #10: Medieval Cross Bow

A medieval style cross bow could be useful for hunting in a survival situation. You could use it to hunt small mammals or even deer if it became necessary. It is considerably more powerful than a traditional draw string bow design, and thus more dangerous. It can easily put a hole in the wall of your home from across the room. This bow is a tool, not a toy.

Hydroponic PVC Garden Project

PVC Project #11: Hydroponic Vertical Garden

PVC pipes make the perfect framework for a hydroponic garden. After all, they were designed for liquid. Just cut out spaces for your veggies, and flush the system with a hydroponic nutrient solution. You could use your PVC wind turbine to run the pump. If you’re feeling really wild, you could cycle the water through and aquaponics tank and use organic nutrients from the fish to feed your vegetables.

PVC Green House

PVC Project #12: Green House

Making a PVC green house or cold frame is as simple as the chicken coop design. Just drape heavy, clear plastic over your PVC framework and you are ready to garden. Make sure to fill the lower pipes with sand or gravel so that your green house doesn’t fly off on the first windy day. Using a cold frame can extend your growing season by several months, allowing you to harvest slow-growing vegetables. In all but the coldest climates the brassica family (kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage, rutabegas, broccoli) can survive all winter if they are protected in a cold frame. For these veggies a little frost actually improves the flavor.

PVC Garden Trellis

PVC Pipe Project Plans

Need help designing your PVC chicken coop, dune buggy or cross bow? Here are some great places to find PVC pipe project plans along with some YouTube videos from the projects shown earlier:


Fish Crappie

Go Kart

Chicken Coop

Boot Dryer

Well Driller

Cross Bow

Hydroponic Vertical Garden



100+ Awesome PVC Projects & Plans

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