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13 Reasons Bandanas Should Be In Your Bugout Bag

A brightly colored cotton bandana – who would have thought it could save your life? It’s true. If it’s not part of your survival kit or bug out bag, it should be. Bandanas are light weight, portable and make a cheap addition to your goodie bag. Most of all they have several uses, some of which could determine whether you walk out of your situation alive.

  • Pot holder
  • Head band
  • Scarf
  • Air filter
  • Wash cloth
  • Signal flag
  • Bandage
  • Sling
  • Container
  • Cordage
  • Backpack padding
  • Char cloth
  • Sediment filter

Wrapping a bandana around your neck will help preserve your body’s temperature in both hot and cold extremes. This is due to the carotid arteries in your neck that are near the surface of the skin. It’s a prime point for losing and gaining body heat. In the winter, you might consider getting something made of wool to use instead. In hot temperatures wetting the bandana will help keep your body cooler.

Being made of cotton, a bandana can be made into char cloth when correctly prepared which can yield a fire easily from the tiniest of sparks. To make char cloth simply place a small piece of the bandana into a metal container with a hole in the container where gas can escape when heated over a fire. After sitting over the fire for a duration of time, smoke will stop being produced and the bandana will revert to a carbon state so it can be easily ignited.

Another quick use of a colorful, bright bandana is for a signaling device to attract attention to yourself for potential rescuers. If you’re more into blending in, check out this digital camo bandana.

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13 Reasons Bandanas Should Be In Your Bugout Bag

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