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20+ Awesome PVC DIY Projects

PVC has a variety of uses included moving potable water, waste water and chemicals for heating and cooling. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) pipes are flexible and durable enough that it allows people to construct or repurpose them in a variety of ways outside of carrying fluids. The best thing is that PVC material is relatively cheap so with a few tools and some patience you can construct something usable for your gear. Be sure to paint the PVC to help protect it from the sun if you plan on using it outdoors. Here’s a great compilation of several examples on how people are utilizing PVC to organize or aid in storing their outdoor gear. Pretty nifty stuff!

PVC is pretty inexpensive in comparison to other materials and it’s really easy to mold, cut and bend to do just about any lightweight project. These projects are great for allowing kids to help you out because it doesn’t require much in the way of heavy duty work tools. Keep in mind if you plan on using PVC outside, UV rays from the sun can make PVC become brittle, so a nice coat of paint will help reduce that.

1. Bed frame for kids bed


2. Bicycle rack for multiple bikes


3. Awesome bird feeder


4. Simple one man boat that floats – just wrap with a tarp


5. Carport or makeshift tent for low wind areas 🙂


6. Cute chair for kids


7. Great coop for the chickens


8. Even a bed for man’s best friend


9. Now this is extreme, but apparently doable – dune buggy


10. Fly Old Glory


11. Really useful trellis for the garden


12. Assuming you have low wind and stake it down really well, this is a brilliant method for a greenhouse


13. Great use for PVC – designed to carry water so hydroponics is a perfect option


14. Use as a luggage rack


15. Enjoy a movie night under the stars


16. Patio swing for light people 🙂


17. Truly neat idea for storing shoes away


18. Beat the heat with a sun blocker shelter


19. Cool PVC tee pee tent for the kiddos


20. Nice waste basket


21. Neat yurt for low wind and snow areas


20+ Awesome PVC DIY Projects

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