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Build Your Own Portable Solar Power Unit

Thanks to the hard work of Lasersaber at LaserHacker.com, he’s developed an open source idea for making your own solar power unit. What makes this build so unique is that everything is enclosed inside the frame of a 20 watt solar panel allowing you to plugin a power strip and power your devices easily.

It gives the average user a portable power at your finger tips without all the headaches of trying to understand how solar power works.

All of the components inside the unit are off-the-shelf products that allow anyone to make it. The solar power unit uses a 12 volt – 20 amp hour LiFePO4 rechargeable battery, which is the most expensive part. The 20w solar panel itself has been pre-selected to allow proper fitting of all the necessary electronic components. An electronic watt meter is also built in to allow you to see how many hours of usage are left as well as a low profile inverter. It takes around 14 hours to charge the device fully in direct sun light. If you’re interested in trying to replicate the prototype, see the parts list and video below.

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Build Your Own Portable Solar Power Unit

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