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FourSevens Mini-ML Makes a Great Compact Flashlight for Your EDC Bag

You can never have enough flashlights – well in my opinion anyway. No matter how many I own, they always seem to elude me when I need them most. These days flashlights are become more durable and much more compact than in years past. With the dawn of the LED age, less power is required so the size of flashlights can be drastically reduced. The FourSevens Mini-ML is the smallest flashlight I own, but one of the brightest for its size.

The FourSevens Mini-ML uses a twist interface to activate the light into several modes depending on the timing of the twists of the flashlight body. It has three brightness modes and four hidden modes. The flashlight has a sure grip and is extremely durable with a black finish. It also comes in a satin titanium finish for more money. The Mini-ML runs on a CR123 lithium battery.


The CREE XP-G2 LED emitter boasts 216 lumens on the highest setting and 4 lumens on the lowest. The Mini-ML sports a 150 hour run time for its longest test and 1.2 hours with the highest power setting. The light comes packaged with a complimentary lanyard.


The Mini-ML makes a great addition to your bug out or EDC bags because of its compact size and battery run-time with optimal light. It can be transformed to a head lamp using one of their kits, which can be purchased separately. This light is around 30 bucks which makes it a good solid choice for a compact light for the features it offers and the durability. You can find it on Amazon.com or you can buy directly off the FourSevens website.

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FourSevens Mini-ML Makes a Great Compact Flashlight for Your EDC Bag

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