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12 Trees for Harvesting Natural Syrup

How to Tap a Syrup Tree

In the aftermath of a disaster your first thoughts will be about survival. But what if the effects of a crisis drag on, like during the slow recovery from an EMP or financial crash? Once you have shelter, clean water and a steady food supply, you’ll find yourself missing the sweeter things in life. Fortunately nature is full of syrup trees whose sugary sap can satisfy your cravings.

While the sugar maple tree is the most popular source of syrup these days, there are many other species that can be tapped for syrup. Many other maple trees also have abundant sap, including the red maple, silver maple, bigleaf maple and canyon maple trees.

But if you live in a region without maple trees of any sort, don’t despair. Here are 14 other species that produce tasty tree sap. You might even like their flavor better than that of maple syrup. You will also find information on how to tap a syrup tree.

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12 Trees for Harvesting Natural Syrup

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