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Cook and Boil Water Simultaneously with the Kelly Kettle Basecamp Outdoor Stove

The Kelly Kettle Basecamp Outdoor Stove is the complete package. I’ve reviewed several outdoor stoves and none of them can boil water and cook at the same time. While this isn’t as compact as other fold-down pocket stoves it’s way more versatile and can cook food and boil water much faster than anything I’ve seen. The large Kelly Kettle will hold 1.6L of water, which is the one I’m reviewing today, although they do offer different sizes.

The basecamp set comes with the 1.6L Steel Kettle (with fire base) + Cook Set + Carry Bag. It doesn’t come with the hobo stove or mugs that are shown in this review. They have to be purchased separately. The cooking set comes with a pot, pot gripper, pan, pot stand and grill pieces. The large Kelly Kettle boils approximately 5 mugs of water at a time. It’s an innovative design by filling the hull of the Kelly Kettle with water, while keeping the inside of the kettle hollow to allow heat from the fire base to cook at the top. It really tackles the issue of only being able to cook or boil water head-on.

The fire base is used to store organic material such as sticks, grass, pine cones or bark as solid fuel. There’s no need to carry fuel and there are no running costs associated with using the Kelly Kettle. It’s all organic fuel-based making it eco-friendly and the best part is that the fire is contained within the fire base so there’s no cooking on the forest floor. The Kelly Kettle Basecamp breaks down and stores nicely in the carry bag making it ideal for bugging out with a means to cook and boil water within minutes. It’s a great addition to your disaster and emergency kit.





In my testing, the Kelly Kettle gets extremely hot so be careful when using it. Do NOT use the handle to relocate the kettle while it’s burning and always remove the plug from the water entry hole before using. Always put the fire completely out and let it cool before moving or pouring the water.

The new model which is shown in this review has an all new welded construction with no rivets. In prior models there was an issue with leaking which has been 100% resolved in this model.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Kelly Kettle Basecamp Outdoor Stove, you can order directly from their website or you can check it out on Amazon.com.

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Cook and Boil Water Simultaneously with the Kelly Kettle Basecamp Outdoor Stove

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