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A Variety of Outdoor Stoves from Bushcraft Essentials

If you need an outdoor stove for your bug out bag or EDC kit, Bushcraft Essentials has several varieties that are bound to satisfy. Having a way to enclose a fire without the risk of lighting the forest floor on fire is important. These stoves also provide you with a cooktop for pots, pans and cups so you can boil water or cook your food using natural organic resources. Today I’m reviewing four different stainless steel stoves that will get the job done.

The first stove is the Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box. Now, this rascal is small and will fit in back pocket. It could be considered a novelty item by most to be used as a pen holder for your desk, but don’t be fooled. This little stove can easily support a small camping cup and boil water. Just be ready to feed it with plenty of small sticks. So, it’s not impossible to use but maybe a little bit impractical, however this is a best seller for women!

Bushcraft Essentials Outdoor Pocket Stoves

Next up is the Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove. This one does require assembly as well, and comes in just a few pieces to make it super simple. It is a bit larger and more practical than the smaller Micro Stove. The stove comes in a few pieces and assembles the same basic way and doesn’t require any screws or bolts to hold it together. It comes with two trivets that can be used to support any container. It packs down nice and flat to around 1/8″ so it can slide in your backpack easily and comes with a nice velcro carrying pouch.


The next stove is a bit different from the previous two we’ve talked about. The Bushbox Ultralight Outdoor Stove is popular due to it being lightweight, obviously. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s lightweight – it weighs around 2 ounces and offers a nice footprint for holding larger containers. It comes with three side panels, a trivet and a baseplate which can be positioned in three different places. This stove is different in that it uses slight bending of the side panels to hold the stove together with tension. It’s super easy to put together once you try it a couple of times. It breaks down easily and stows away nicely into a cotton bag for storage.


Last but not least is my favorite, the Bushbox XL Outdoor Stove. This is the big brother of their outdoor stove product line. It’s meant for longer hiking trips and excursions due to its ability to cook longer with more efficiency. It really does hold quite a bit more organic fuel than the other stoves and can really put out some heat for boiling water, cooking or keeping warm. My favorite feature is the hinged design that allows for a complete fold down and collapse without needing any assembly. It is a bit heavier than the other stoves but in my opinion it performs much better, so the extra weight is worth it if you ask me. This stove comes with a burning plate and two trivets for supporting containers or cooking directly on the plate. It stores away in a nice velcro carrying pouch like the other stoves.



If you’re looking for a variety in stainless steel outdoor stoves, Bushcraft Essentials has something for just about any purpose. They also carry versions of the these particular stoves in titanium. For more information be sure to visit their website for complete descriptions and pricing information.

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A Variety of Outdoor Stoves from Bushcraft Essentials

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