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MPOWERD Luci EMRG Inflatable Solar Lantern

If you know me well then you know I’ve always been a fan of flashlights, LEDs or anything that illuminates. It’s amazing how long LEDs will run on lithium batteries these days. Throw in a solar built-in solar panel and you have a nice rechargeable battery-powered LED emergency light – the MPOWERD Luci EMRG Solar Lantern. MPOWERD has created a nice compact LED emergency light that deflates for storage and inflates for nice ambient lighting.

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Bug Out in the Trees with the Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

This is a product like I’ve never seen before and it’s a great addition to your prepping gear. Shelter is a primary concern especially for those that have a bug out plan in mind. While you can construct basic shelters in the wilderness, during an emergency you can expend valuable time and energy on creating a habitat from scratch. You can eliminate that necessity and get your shelter off the ground with the Tentsile Connect.

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Charge Your USB Devices with the SunJack 14W Portable Solar Charger

This is my second product that I’ve reviewed for SunJack. The first was the SunJack Waterproof LightStick. This time they kindly sent me the SunJack 14W Portable Solar Charger with the 8000mAh battery. With so many USB powered devices floating around these days, there’s definitely a market for keeping something handy nearby if you need a quick charge. If you use your cell phones, GPS devices or even your GoPro you know how quickly those batteries get depleted. It’s more of a hassle if you’re not near your car – for example, hiking or hunting. Even more importantly it can be a real help to charge or even run a walkie talkie if the batteries are wasted in a SHTF scenario.

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Filter Water Fast with the Survivor Filter Pro

You may have already seen my review of the Survivor Filter straw earlier this year. The Survivor Filter Pro is the larger of the two allowing you to filter much more water in a shorter amount of time using a hand pump. It’s a great addition for a long term bug out bag where you need a larger quantity of water produced quickly.

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Filter Water Easily and Quickly Using the Platypus Gravity Works 2.0L Filter

I’ve reviewed several water filters in the past but most didn’t filter large amounts of water at once, at least without a lot of labor involved. I’m not taking anything away from other filters, because some of them serve their purpose if you need a quick drink of water on the run. The Platypus Gravity Works Filter is a great solution for preppers in need of filtering water in mass and it does it a lot quicker than traditional filters.

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Triple 7 Gear Ultimate Medic Kit

This is my very first chance to review a first aid kit. Many people like to put together their own first aid kits so they are familiar with the contents and know to use them effectively. For those of you that don’t know where to start, the Triple 7 Gear UMK (Ultimate Medic Kit) is a great option. It’s designed to be a first responder kit originally but has expanded to address everyday common injuries as well.

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Fenix UC35 USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

If you’re looking a solid tactical flashlight, you should check out Fenix Lighting’s line of LED flashlights. More specifically, I got the chance to review the Fenix UC35 Flashlight and I can’t say enough good things about it. My initial reaction was how solid and durable the flashlight felt. If you’re out camping or working outside a lot, you need something that can hold up to the punishment since I’m always dropping flashlights or stepping on them. This flashlight passed that test with flying colors.

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FourSevens Mini-ML Makes a Great Compact Flashlight for Your EDC Bag

You can never have enough flashlights – well in my opinion anyway. No matter how many I own, they always seem to elude me when I need them most. These days flashlights are become more durable and much more compact than in years past. With the dawn of the LED age, less power is required so the size of flashlights can be drastically reduced. The FourSevens Mini-ML is the smallest flashlight I own, but one of the brightest for its size.

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A Variety of Outdoor Stoves from Bushcraft Essentials

If you need an outdoor stove for your bug out bag or EDC kit, Bushcraft Essentials has several varieties that are bound to satisfy. Having a way to enclose a fire without the risk of lighting the forest floor on fire is important. These stoves also provide you with a cooktop for pots, pans and cups so you can boil water or cook your food using natural organic resources. Today I’m reviewing four different stainless steel stoves that will get the job done.

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Replace 1000 Plastic Water Bottles with the Survivor Filter

If you’re bugging out or trying to keep your 72 hour bag light, you know that water can add many unneeded pounds to your back. If you think you’ll be in an area with an abundance of water, think about packing a water filter instead. While hydration packs are cool, when acting alone they’re a one and done solution to water. The Survivor Filter can replace up to the equivalent of 1000 plastic water bottles. It’s great for reducing waste and extra weight in your pack.

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