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Replace 1000 Plastic Water Bottles with the Survivor Filter

If you’re bugging out or trying to keep your 72 hour bag light, you know that water can add many unneeded pounds to your back. If you think you’ll be in an area with an abundance of water, think about packing a water filter instead. While hydration packs are cool, when acting alone they’re a one and done solution to water. The Survivor Filter can replace up to the equivalent of 1000 plastic water bottles. It’s great for reducing waste and extra weight in your pack.

The Survivor Filter offers the highest level of filtration on the market today offering three levels of filtering to your water down to 0.05 microns. It utilizes an ultra filter, a carbon filter as well as a mesh filter to ensure your water is safe to drink up to 264 gallons. The body itself is made of ABS plastic and is durable, but lightweight at only 3.5 ounces and can be disassembled to replace the filters easily.


One thing I noticed was how quick the water was being filtered. It processes the water at around 7 ounces per minute. That’s pretty fast considering the water is being pushed through three filters! I also like that the mouth of the device has a cover to keep everything nice and clean.

Another awesome feature is the threaded opening that will allow you to screw the Survivor Filter onto a standard threaded bottle (ie. soda bottle). You can fill up the bottle with dirty water, screw on the filter and drink. It will also attach to most hydration bags as well if you want to be mobile while filtering your water. Please note that this filter is not to be used with a salt water source. It will not desalinate salt water.


I thought the filter was great! The filters worked as intended and the taste of the water was perfect. I could not tell a difference in the filtered water vs. bottled water. It’s a prepper must have for sure. The Survivor Filter has great reviews on Amazon.com so if you like to shop there, by all means check them out. You can also buy directly from their website using this Promo Code PREPPERG for a nice discount.

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Replace 1000 Plastic Water Bottles with the Survivor Filter

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