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Bug Out in the Trees with the Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

This is a product like I’ve never seen before and it’s a great addition to your prepping gear. Shelter is a primary concern especially for those that have a bug out plan in mind. While you can construct basic shelters in the wilderness, during an emergency you can expend valuable time and energy on creating a habitat from scratch. You can eliminate that necessity and get your shelter off the ground with the Tentsile Connect.

I was pretty stoked to see the package at my doorstep. I’ve had limited experience using tents, let alone one that suspends itself from trees! Having a place to make you feel secure and safe in the wilderness helps you get a good night’s rest and boosts morale in an emergency situation. With your shelter in the trees, it also helps you keep a low profile to potential predators. Understanding how to set it up was easy and can be easily done with one person.

Tentsile makes four different tree tents – the Tentsile Connect is the smaller and lighter tree tent in their product line. It can sleep two people inside the tent, but you can add a third person by using a hammock beneath. The Connect comes with a removable fly sheet in which you can choose from five different colors, including camo! The fly sheet can be hooked together securely underneath the tent to keep in the warmth. It can also be pegged in the ground to create a 120sqf covered area to get everyone out of the rain or wind. The base of the tents all come in the bright green with the only difference being the fly sheet. You can get as creative as you want when hanging the tent and is easily configured to fit the tightest of spaces. It can also be connected with other Tentsile Connect tents in a trilogy super-camp.

Tenstile Connect

Tentsile Connect

The Connect is a great option if you’re going way off the beaten path due to its weight at only 12 pounds. It’s cheaper and the most versatile of their entire product line because it can be suspended between trees, columns, trucks or boulders. The most common thing people complain about when being in the wilderness are the bugs. The Tentsile Connect features a full insect mesh to keep all the creepy crawlers out. The mesh can be rolled up with loops and hooks at its four access areas to keep the Connect completely open. The Connect also sports two small mesh pockets inside the tent as well as an elastic backpack strap to hold your bag in place.

Tentsile Connect

Below are some additional quick specs on the Tentsile Connect:

  • Set up time 10 minutes
  • Size: 2.6 x 4.2 x 4.2m / 9 x 14 x 14′
  • Pack Down Size: 59 x 20 x 20cm / 20 x 8 x 8”
  • Floor area: approximately 5sqm / 50sqf
  • Dry porch area at ground level: 6sqm / 60sqf
  • Doors: x 4
  • Height: 100-120cm / 3-4′
  • Weight: 7kg / 15lbs (once experienced, you can save up to 2.kg / 6lbs by dropping 2 ratchets from your system)
  • Poles: 2 x 8.5mm diameter anodised aluminium alloy
  • Roof: Tear resistant insect mesh
  • Flysheet: 190T PU coated waterproof polyester 3000hh in a choice of colors
  • Floor: 240D Inclined joint nylon-polyester composite fabric (green) reinforced with 15+ meters of seatbelt
  • Please note: the floor color is green on all tents.
  • Ratchets & Straps: Heavy duty, plated, industry grade buckles – 2.5 tonne minimum breaking strength
  • Maximum Capacity: 2 adults and their gear or 1 adult and 2 children

I was really won over by the Tentsile Connect. It’s a great conversation piece and everyone just loved the idea that it was off the ground, especially the women! The setup process was very easy once you learn how to use the ratchets correctly. Once you get the hang of picking out the right trees and the spacing, it’s really a snap. I would say alone it took me about 20 minutes to setup. With some help, it could be done in 10 minutes if you know what you’re doing. I was truly impressed with the durability of the tent and the rugged feel of the material and stitching. It is tear resistant and have seen videos with people even putting their dogs inside, so it’s claw proof too!

Tentsile Connect

Tentsile Connect

Tentsile Connect

If you’re looking for a great addition to your bug out bag, consider the Tentsile Connect. They offer free shipping worldwide and even plant trees for any purchase you make. If you’re interested, head over to their website and check out their different models.

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Bug Out in the Trees with the Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

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