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Shoot 350 Feet Per Second with The Pocket Shot

It’s always cool to review a new product that I’ve never seen before. I was surfing the web and ran across this nifty device called The Pocket Shot. Essentially it’s a slingshot alternative that uses a rubber latex pouch attached to a circular casing to launch the ammo into the target. You just drop one of the steel balls into the pouch, pull back and let’r rip. The manufacturer boasts its ability to shoot projectiles at 2-3 times the rate of a regular slingshot and up to 350 feet per second.

Now that’s moving! Let me also add that while this may look like a toy, it is a weapon. If you let kids use this, please supervise them at all times.

The Pocket Shot ships with the standard (black) pouch. You can purchase the pro (blue) pouch separately for more range. Swapping out the pouches is really easy using the lid that ships with it. You can see how to do that in my video below. I like the size of it because it’s compact and can fit easily into my bug out bag or EDC. Most manufactured slingshots are bulky and take up a ton of room.

The Pocket Shot

I gave a whirl in the backyard by setting up a paper grocery bag for some target practice. With only three shots I was able to hit the bag about 30 yards away. Aiming and controlling the shot wasn’t difficult at all. Once I finished, it was an easy clean up – just throw the ammo and other accessories into the attached pouch and screw the lid on. Instantly organized and completely waterproof.

If you’re interested, you can find The Pocket Shot on Amazon.com or by directly from their website: www.thepocketshot.com. Check out my video review above and be sure to subscribe to get notifications on future product reviews.

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Shoot 350 Feet Per Second with The Pocket Shot

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