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UVPaqlite: Impressive Night Illumination that Lasts Forever

Thanks to Alexis at UVPaqlite.com for sending over her product for me to review. The UV Paqlite is really unlike any product I’ve ever reviewed, but wow it is cool – especially if you’re into alternative ways to light your campsite or have some small illumination around the house at night. At first I thought this would be a “one and done” glow in the dark product, but I was totally wrong.

The UV Paqlite contains glow crystals that recharge from any light source endlessly – yep, they will charge forever unlike those glow sticks you pick up at your local outdoor store. The light is packaged in a vacuum air tight pack to keep them waterproof and lightweight which makes it great for camping. Instead of wasting your batteries using flashlights for ambient lighting, this thing will do the trick for hours and hours with just a few minutes of exposure to a bright light source. Simply expose it to the light source and hang it up in your tent and you can literally read by the light it emits.

The UV Paqlite can provide up to 10 hours of light throughout the night with a 1 minute charge from direct sunlight, 5-10 mins with ambient room light and 40 seconds charge time with a 60 lumen light source. The coolest thing is that this rascal will never expire and has no shelf-life. I’m overly impressed with the claim that it will last forever. Not many things do in our world!

I’ve taken a few photos below showing the product itself as well as the small keychain version Alexis graciously sent me. You will see that you can read by the light very easily and it’s super bright in a dark room.

If you’re interested in getting your own UV Paqlite, you can buy it right off Amazon.com. Pick the size that’s right for you, there’s a few different size selections and UV products to choose from.






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UVPaqlite: Impressive Night Illumination that Lasts Forever

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